Raoul Pal’s Take on the World

Published on
July 8th, 2022
47 minutes

Raoul Pal’s Take on the World

Daily Briefing ·
Featuring Raoul Pal and Maggie Lake

Published on: July 8th, 2022 • Duration: 47 minutes

It was already going to be a significant Jobs Friday before the West awoke to news of the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, perhaps his country’s most significant postwar leader, certainly its most consequential in the 21st century. U.S. payrolls did grow by 372,000 during June, beating the consensus forecast and pushing pause on talk of an imminent recession. Yields surged and stocks sagged this morning, as investors now anticipate a 75 basis point rate hike when the Federal Open Market Committee meets July 26-27. Like other risk assets, Bitcoin is holding its ground in recent trading, tracking toward its best weekly since March. Raoul Pal is here with Maggie to break it all down and put it back together again. Want to submit questions? Drop them right here on the Exchange: https://rvtv.io/3asy4mL. To view today’s charts click here: https://media.realvision.com/wp/20220708204027/20220708_RVDB_Charts.pdf