Stocks Surrender Gains, Treasury Yields Rise Following FOMC Statement

Published on
January 26th, 2022
33 minutes

Geo-Macro Tensions, Central Bank Questions Exacerbate Selling Pressures

Stocks Surrender Gains, Treasury Yields Rise Following FOMC Statement

Daily Briefing ·
Featuring Darius Dale and Alfonso Peccatiello

Published on: January 26th, 2022 • Duration: 33 minutes

The Federal Open Market Committee said today “it will soon be appropriate to raise the target range for the federal funds rate.” And it issued a separate statement on “Principles for Reducing the Size of the Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet,” even as asset purchases continue. Stocks were already having their best day of 2022 ahead of this afternoon’s releases, and equity indexes continued to rally post-2:00 p.m. ET. The Fed finds itself in uncharted territory, and its various statements reflect the fact that there is no roadmap for combating inflation while balancing serious risks to growth – among them geopolitical tensions that continue to drive crude oil higher as well as an ongoing pandemic. Darius Dale, founder and CEO of 42 Macro, joins Real Vision’s Alfonso Peccatiello to break down one of the most highly anticipated FOMC meetings in recent times. Want to submit questions? Drop them right here on the Exchange: