The Triggers for a Bond Bubble Pop Are Now in Motion

Published on
February 9th, 2021
32 minutes

Tesla’s Bitcoin Wager, Rising Yields, and Ed’s Take on the Banks

The Triggers for a Bond Bubble Pop Are Now in Motion

Daily Briefing ·
Featuring Peter Boockvar and Ash Bennington

Published on: February 9th, 2021 • Duration: 32 minutes

Peter Boockvar, CIO of Bleakley Advisory Group, joins Real Vision senior editor Ash Bennington to discuss the oil market rally, signals of incoming inflation and the central bank response to it, and the drop in junk bond yields. Boockvar observes how oil is the last of the major commodities to join the rally as demand starts to catch up and the supply is demonstrating greater discipline, bringing markets into a full commodity rally. Boockvar then zooms out and breaks down the inflationary signals he’s witnessing and expresses his concern about whether an increase in consumer services will contribute to or relieve inflationary pressure. With junk bond yields dropping, Boockvar also explains how this may be due to more investors being pushed out onto the risk spectrum as investment-grade bonds are being perceived to have a Fed backstop. He points out the ever-growing bubble in bond markets and speculates that now is the first time in years where the true triggers for that bubble popping are in motion. He shares what retail investors should be watching out for, how QE has batted away the worst effects of bear markets, what drives the capital flight into the U.S., why the ECB’s and BOJ’s policies have in reality been more restrictive, and whether the Fed will ultimately have to implement yield curve control.