Episode 1: Use as Intended

Published on
January 30th, 2019
22 minutes

Episode 1: Use as Intended

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Featuring Justine Underhill

Published on: January 30th, 2019 • Duration: 22 minutes

What kind of future are we building with the tools we have today? In this season of "Discoveries," Justine Underhill endeavors to answer that question. In this episode, she looks at internet-connected devices: What vulnerabilities are they creating, and do their benefits outweigh their risks? She investigates, along the way talking to security technologist Bruce Schneier, Chad Seaman of Akamai, short-seller Carson Block and Doug McKee of McAfee. Filmed in 2018 and 2019 in New York, Boston and Fort Lauderdale.


  • PA
    Prince A.
    10 November 2019 @ 04:22
    This series is my favourite on RV. I hope RV commits more resources for Justine to do her thing.
  • OS
    Omar S.
    19 August 2019 @ 03:19
    That was spot on and done in a thoughtful way on a very critical topic. A product company worth their mettle is going to invest in the right compliance frameworks like SOC2 and ISO27001 to ensure they’re delivering secure products to the marketplace. Consumer companies aren’t likely to employ these frameworks as willingly as fintech, defense and other industries that service markets with strict security requirements. Sadly without much mainstream awareness, it’s unlikely security will only be taken seriously without regulation or legislation mandates accountability at the highest levels as well as certification and maybe restrictions on foreign made tech products.
  • jc
    judith c.
    21 April 2019 @ 01:17
    Why is there no new content featuring Justine? we really enjoyed her features and interviews.
    • JU
      Justine U.
      30 April 2019 @ 16:52
      Thanks!! It takes quite a long time to research and write these pieces-- we'll have another one out this week!
  • WW
    William W.
    26 April 2019 @ 19:11
  • AT
    Adam T.
    31 March 2019 @ 17:43
    Get long cyber security
  • VP
    Vincent P.
    16 February 2019 @ 22:49
    Alarming reality living among us and nothing we could but react despite all the effort to keep safe. Very well done Justine.
  • TS
    Tyler S.
    14 February 2019 @ 21:03
    I was so scared I unplugged my computer 1/2 through, how did this end... :D
  • JM
    Justin M.
    8 February 2019 @ 21:39
    Phenomenal work. This was a truly interesting report. I love how Justine referenced important papers that have been written on this subject recently. Justine is a great asset to RealVision. She is easily one of my favorite journalists. I'm a big fan of her well researched yet approachable style. Keep up the great work.
  • SB
    Steffen B.
    8 February 2019 @ 21:17
    As an IT pro I got to admit: this was really good!
  • JB
    Jason B.
    8 February 2019 @ 05:07
    Policy will fix cyber security problems? I live right outside DC for almost 20 years now and a lot of the federal government agencies have a lot of their federal employees doing very naughty things on their work computers exposing them to data breaches or worse on a daily basis!
  • JB
    Jason B.
    8 February 2019 @ 04:51
    This is overall very good. But, I don't think that fully autonomous cars will be widely used as soon as people think. And cyber defense has 8-12% CAGR ahead of it for many, many years. Corporate America is severely under-invested in cyber security by hundreds of billions of dollars.
  • SP
    Sat P.
    7 February 2019 @ 13:19
    More of this kind of content please. This is information that you can't easily get on the mainstream media which is the reason I subscribed to RV. I loved the mini-documentary style but ironically I would have liked this particular topic to be much longer! (This was in another league to the other show that Justine did, I really did not like that other show!)
  • ZY
    ZHENG Y.
    7 February 2019 @ 06:49
    would like to see more update on this topic...
  • SF
    Stuart F.
    6 February 2019 @ 00:22
    I work for Siemens. IoT, Industry 4.0 (industrial IoT) are the areas of growth above normal GDP growth. The big conglomerates are all focused on Digitization strategies, along with all the smaller innovators. Everything, I mean everything, being considered for IoT. Carpet, walls, chairs not just traditional consumer electronics. It's going to be a wild ride.
  • JD
    Jeremy D.
    6 February 2019 @ 00:11
    So what you're saying is...............we're screwed?
  • RN
    Raymond N.
    5 February 2019 @ 07:45
    Very well produced and presented. Love it. Please do one on crypto and security!
  • SU
    Shakeel U.
    4 February 2019 @ 19:40
    Excellent format and very insightful.
  • MW
    Moritz W.
    3 February 2019 @ 22:43
    Great thriller novel on that botnet IOT attack is - Blackout - by Marc Elsberg Very well researched and realistic.
  • MR
    Mathew R.
    3 February 2019 @ 22:40
    Excellent format and a very good video. I feel like this should have been a 1 hour video though.
  • SB
    Stewart B.
    1 February 2019 @ 19:17
    Nice one. This is a welcome addition.
  • PG
    Philippe G.
    1 February 2019 @ 13:59
    Enjoyed this mini documentary concept. Looking forward to more!
  • CZ
    Cyprian Z.
    1 February 2019 @ 05:22
    Great work, Justine!
  • AC
    Andrew C.
    1 February 2019 @ 03:44
    Thumbs up from me, but some honest feedback. Expansion of the idea from Carson Block on forcing companies to act to fix their issues (and making money as you short the stock!). Really looking forward to Marc C. this afternoon.
  • AA
    Alberto A.
    1 February 2019 @ 03:32
    This was great and eye opening....once again.....we all this is happening and will get worse but it seems nobody cares. Cant' wait to see the next episodes. Great journalism!
  • CS
    Clifton S.
    31 January 2019 @ 15:52
    Now that's great journalism! Great work Justine. Now I'm rethinking about my connectivity devices. Thank you
    • WS
      William S.
      1 February 2019 @ 00:22
      Justine is officially better than all of CNN and MSNBC combined.
  • RA
    Robert A.
    30 January 2019 @ 19:13
    Great to see Justine get some more editorial control. I’m curious why she made this her first foray and assume she had some exposure to this subject matter through her other RV projects. I have always thought that THE best RV segment ever was when they scrambled two experts on Volatility and Justine to a perfect interview laying out what happened in the Vol spike that took the leveraged VIX fund down just days after the huge Vol event. Justine did a fantastic job in that interview guiding the expert’s explanation in terms we could understand as to what happened and why it happened. Interested to see the next segments of this subject matter and quite curious where her prodigious talent will be deployed next.
    • DS
      David S.
      30 January 2019 @ 22:19
      Which volatility segment are you referencing? Thanks. DLS
    • RA
      Robert A.
      31 January 2019 @ 17:26
      David, the Feb 12, 2018 post Vol spike interview that Justine did with David Meneret and Dean Curnutt. This interview, IMHO, represents the very essence of RV and more than justifies the subscription price going forward. Please let me explain; the Volatility spike in February 2018 was such an unexpected event that it blew up a leveraged VIX fund and probably set the Algols in motion across multiple asset classes. Even though I am an investor in Chris Cole’s (multiple RV presenter on Vol) Artemis fund which I use as a hedge to my Portfolio, I have only an elementary understanding of Volatility and it’s effects upon various asset classes. This was a MAJOR market event! Milton was able to scramble Justine and two VERY knowledgeable experts within a few days to lay out for us what happened, why it may have happened, what might happen next and the potential effect it might have on our other Portfolio holdings. Literally, how do you put a price on this—to have RV in our back pocket ready to get us Expert explanations and analysis when MAJOR market events occur?....there is no other news or financial Network on the Planet that can come with that amount of in depth timely analysis due to RV’s Rolodex of Experts and Milton’s curation abilities. Sorry for being so effusive, but that timely RV segments has stood out to me as the single most important and useful segment to date....why do you give it a watch an let me know what you think?
  • TV
    Timothy V.
    31 January 2019 @ 14:10
    Really enjoyed this episode. Though cybersecurity stories can be quite boring, I loved this fresh perspective and the professional production. Looking forward to the next one!
  • SB
    Sean B.
    31 January 2019 @ 13:07
    Great! Thank you Justine
  • mr
    mike r.
    31 January 2019 @ 09:54
    great story telling & great editing. thank you more of this!!
  • FV
    Fredrik V.
    31 January 2019 @ 07:47
    Great work Justine! This is your format! Cudos to the team for bringing on a topic outside finance with major impact on finance. This is why I subscribe.
  • EM
    Eddy M.
    31 January 2019 @ 07:26
    CB Quality product, understandability delivered. Next solution to keep the clean of bugs!
  • CB
    C B.
    31 January 2019 @ 06:56
    Great work, Justine!
  • PC
    Philip C.
    31 January 2019 @ 06:06
    An increasing number of cars have wireless Internet connectivity. In 2015 some security researchers demonstrated the ability to take remote control of a Jeep Cherokee's computer. ( https://www.wired.com/2015/07/hackers-remotely-kill-jeep-highway/ ). Although that vulnerabilty was fixed, it is likely that many more remain. Driverless vehicles will only make the issue more serious.
  • RD
    Ron D.
    30 January 2019 @ 18:06
    Good content, good set-up - looking forward to what comes next in the series BUT, get out of that nauseating editing style - we are here for the content - not the style. There was not a single shot for longer than 5 seconds. I think most people on RV are not part of the ADD generation and would appreciate a more grounded style of presentation.
    • DR
      Dick R.
      30 January 2019 @ 18:47
      I wouldn't count on it. RV has made no secret that they're after a new generation of investors, and that audience absorb visuals differently than the traditional white-shoe Florida retiree audience. I suspect they have a very clear idea of who they are talking to, and how to do it.
    • RD
      Ron D.
      30 January 2019 @ 21:00
      Im 31, so not quite fitting your description there. They may very well have that view - I am saying they should reconsider it. There is no such thing as "absorbing visuals differently" - studies have been clear on this. Results on grasping and maintaining information of this so-called "visual generation" are a nightmare... Its strategic distraction for entertainment purposes. Other media outlets use this plenty - I just dont want RV doing it as well. If you have good content, there is no need to hide it.
    • MS
      Max S.
      31 January 2019 @ 04:41
      Being 21 - I have to admit I don't really enjoy it either, just makes me want to jump on my phone or do emails at the same time since there's no continuity except her voice.
    • JL
      Jim L.
      31 January 2019 @ 06:04
      Agree 100%. I didnt pay for this sub to get slick music and new and wonderful camera angles. Not to be too blunt but it does my head in. I want content, not sepia filters and lounge music overlays
  • RO
    Robert O.
    31 January 2019 @ 02:47
    Just as people start to migrate from processed foods to more natural foods, you wonder when companies will begin to market non-hackable devices - the toaster without a chip?
  • BT
    Brian T.
    31 January 2019 @ 02:10
    Thanks Justine. Great work!
  • ra
    rehan a.
    31 January 2019 @ 00:14
    Two thumbs up...great to see this on the back of some mediocre content over January
  • MK
    Michael K.
    31 January 2019 @ 00:08
    Well done, solid value content. I was reticent about the more slick non core RV productions, and this one skews me more favorably. Akamai interview excellent. Well done and congrats to Justine and RV for investing in her!
  • RQ
    Randy Q.
    30 January 2019 @ 23:26
    Nice job!
  • CS
    Colton S.
    30 January 2019 @ 21:02
    Bruce Schneier and Carson Block in one episode? New favorite program!
  • DL
    Dan L.
    30 January 2019 @ 20:35
    This was awesome - i need more episodes to binge!
  • JG
    John G.
    30 January 2019 @ 20:23
    Justine, great content and production style, in my opinion, and I am part of the baby boom generation. We all need to think about this when we connect additional devices to the Internet.
  • SS
    S S.
    30 January 2019 @ 19:54
    Justine's best work to date. Bravo!
  • DS
    David S.
    30 January 2019 @ 19:26
    Well done! Please keep up the good work. We are in the wild west on the internet. Does anyone know a basic link on how to improve your internet defenses at home? Thanks. DLS
  • AM
    Artem M.
    30 January 2019 @ 17:33
    I have a feeling some sort of financial “cyber attack” might be the black swan everyone has been waiting for.
    • IO
      Igor O.
      30 January 2019 @ 19:13
      Just think about electrical grid failure. If cascading effect takes any significant part of it. It will take many months to rebuild. That's Mad Max picture.
  • bm
    brian m.
    30 January 2019 @ 17:18
    Jolly good show
  • TB
    Tad B.
    30 January 2019 @ 17:03
    Great stuff Justine ! More of these needed ..... please keep doing them 👍🏻
  • RP
    Raoul P. | Founder
    30 January 2019 @ 10:50
    Wow. Im a bit blown away how amazing this is and how interesting the topic is and how far Real Vision has come in its ability to tell the finance stories that matter in a multitude of different ways. What really blows me away is that in the same week we will have this piece and we will also have a 2 1/2 hour, deep, emotional and shocking interview with Mark Cohodes on Friday. That is the depth and breadth that Real Vision is building out....
    • XP
      X P.
      30 January 2019 @ 11:32
      Justine and Brian Price also growing massively in their gravitas and delivery over time, which is very nice to see as a subscriber. The editing also spot on. Congrats Raoul on putting together such a team!!
    • MB
      Michael B.
      30 January 2019 @ 11:54
      I like the way Real Vision is going, keep it up
    • TJ
      Terry J.
      30 January 2019 @ 12:40
      I totally agree with X P and Michael B. Real Vision is giving us invaluable insights and education in so many areas. I long ago stopped watching CNBC and Bloomberg, who usually just add to the noise! Top quality delivery and a top quality team! Thank you
    • BB
      Benjamin B.
      30 January 2019 @ 15:43
      What ever happened to 'The Knock-on Effect'?
  • OT
    Omar T.
    30 January 2019 @ 15:38
    Excellent video!!!! great for general public, would suggest making a shorter free version so it gets out there more. Justine does a great job.
  • MW
    Myron W.
    30 January 2019 @ 15:10
    This is a really well-made piece. This topic happens to be in my area of expertise, so I didn't get a lot of new info. But I still really enjoyed it. It's not easy to present this subject in an accurate and compelling way. It was a great choice to have Justine and guests talking to the camera and showing the papers she was reading and so forth, rather than the way some pieces like this show a lot of sinister computer screens and random code to make it seem hacker-ish. And Bruce Schneier! He's a living legend.
  • EH
    Edward H.
    30 January 2019 @ 15:06
  • CH
    Cliff H.
    30 January 2019 @ 14:49
    Outstanding topic, go Justine. can't wait for the upcoming episodes.
  • TT
    Tommy T. | Contributor
    30 January 2019 @ 13:12
    Excellent work Justine. On of the best things I've ever seen on Real Vision. Very in depth investigative look at how vulnerable networks and individuals are to intrusions. Cancelling buying the internet connected coffee maker now!
    • KA
      Kim A.
      30 January 2019 @ 14:36
      I was just thinking the same thing... I ordered a new smart coffee maker for my apartment and I think it may go straight back to the store!
  • FC
    Frank C. | Contributor
    30 January 2019 @ 14:27
    Eye opener! Great job, Justine.
  • fc
    flavio c.
    30 January 2019 @ 13:38
    Great info! I'm techy savvy and still learned some things. Really well done! Also, this could be a investment opportunity. Thanks
  • SP
    Simon P.
    30 January 2019 @ 13:28
    hadn't expected content like this from RV. Intrigued to see where you go next with this. Justine has found a real niche.
  • JV
    James V.
    30 January 2019 @ 13:22
    Awesome! Mind blowing report. Bravo Justine!
  • RM
    Richard M.
    30 January 2019 @ 13:04
    Great piece Justine! RV just keeps knocking it out of the park, month after month. Keep up the great work folks!!!
  • MB
    Michael B.
    30 January 2019 @ 11:53
    I would encourage everyone to think about this and get more valuable security info by looking at some relevant videos on YouTube. There are so many 5 minute snips that explain things well.
  • PS
    Pascal S.
    30 January 2019 @ 09:53
    Great job Justine. Love this new type of content. Keep up the great work RV.