Monsoon – An Emerging Markets Narrative

Published on
July 15th, 2015
55 minutes

Monsoon – An Emerging Markets Narrative

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Featuring Raoul Pal, Grant Williams

Published on: July 15th, 2015 • Duration: 55 minutes

Raoul Pal and Grant Williams present the Monsoon, an emerging market narrative that details opportunities in the demographics and advancements in many Indo-Pacific and African nations that mirror the original Spice Routes.


  • ds
    durgesh s.
    11 October 2020 @ 03:10
    This is an excellent presentation , can you pl make a transcript available for this one
  • Sg
    Steven g.
    7 April 2020 @ 02:29
    Grant references an economic paper at the beginning of the presentation. Does anyone know the paper title or writer?
    • JG
      Justin G.
      12 August 2020 @ 19:05
      He was referring to a report that Raoul wrote. The book he’s referencing is called Monsoon by Robert D. Kaplan
  • MB
    Matthew B.
    26 April 2020 @ 15:28
    Awesome! Did thesis on Iran change? I noticed this was filmed in 2015 - pre-Trump and ,I’m guessing, includes assumption of US sponsored deal and removal of sanctions. Any update on this please?
  • GP
    Gio P.
    5 April 2020 @ 21:03
    Pls do a update for long term investment for retail folks when we come out other side of current bear market.
  • MS
    Max S.
    4 February 2019 @ 02:26
    Loved it, would be interesting to have a follow up conversation now four years later, see if they are still interested in the same countries I.e. Iran with Trump being president.. Could be interesting
  • TS
    Todd S.
    11 October 2017 @ 01:44
  • AC
    Andrew C.
    20 December 2016 @ 04:34
    Question: Why isn't it "well-known" that "H and M" and others are buying clothes from Ethiopia? Seems weird in a Peter Lynch Investment type of way. Also I s there a middleman in there somewhere? Might he be a target for our investing funds, 'cos his mark-up must be outsized.
  • AC
    Andrew C.
    20 December 2016 @ 04:32
    Question: Why isn't it "well-known" that H
  • WA
    WAYNE A.
    18 December 2016 @ 22:41
    when you get involved with Altrgris?
  • AH
    Aaron H.
    18 December 2016 @ 14:27
    Insightful primer on macro EM. A nice way to start my Sunday morning.
  • RR
    Raj R.
    17 December 2016 @ 23:37
    I wouldn't be surprised if the U.S. Opens up its borders for more immigrants to solve this demographic problem. India and other parts of Asia have a very educated pool of youngsters. Maybe that is wha
  • TS
    Tim S.
    17 December 2016 @ 01:39
    Excellent discussion and mind expanding. I'm not sure I could find arational reason to put thumbs down as the presentation was purely educational and stats driven with hypothesis. A great introduction to what may well be the next driver of the global economy.
  • GG
    George G.
    16 December 2016 @ 15:36
    Just when I think I have a grasp on the world economies along comes RV to really open my eyes...WoW.... Be interesting to see the reaction of the western world should they hear Raoul's opinion on Iran
  • TB
    Thomas B.
    16 December 2016 @ 09:24
    Great - I am just wondering: this is from an investment conference in 2015?? (A sign in front of Grant states this)
  • GS
    Greg S.
    16 December 2016 @ 04:05
    Ties in well with the last Jim Rodgers interview.
  • SS
    Stephen S.
    16 December 2016 @ 01:54
    Great! Thanks.
  • Sv
    Sid v.
    15 December 2016 @ 23:03
    excellent. Thank you.
  • GS
    Georgi S.
    28 June 2016 @ 07:42
    Around 18 min 30s there is a mistake on the population calculation for MENA Sub-S Africa and India. It says 996 Mil, when the correct number should be 1296 Mil. Either way, a great presentation!
  • TM
    Taylor M.
    14 February 2016 @ 05:15
    Curious why countries like Vietnam and Philippines were left out.
  • AM
    Andreas M.
    25 October 2015 @ 21:27
    This was an utterly brilliant talk. Due to the debt/demographics crisis my view of the world was pretty much doom & gloom. The opportunities you pointed out give me some much needed positive outlook.
  • PJ
    Paul J.
    8 August 2015 @ 14:36
    This talk is why people should subscribe....Excellent!
  • SK
    S K.
    5 August 2015 @ 05:07
    As for India, two factors to watch out for: the end of the Information Technology services boom that has caused this economic growth and the currency risk not captured by the daily volatility.
  • SK
    S K.
    5 August 2015 @ 05:05
    I've been keeping my eye on the iShares UAE ETF for some time with a view to investing in Iran. This presentation made me delve deeper into other such exciting opportunities, chiefly Ethiopia.
  • cg
    christian g.
    22 July 2015 @ 01:17
    Great Presentation. Despite managing a Value MENA Fund from UAE, I know look at the region differently. Simple & brilliant!
  • IK
    Ian K.
    20 July 2015 @ 04:39
    Some India stocks may be good investments, but for private FDI the country is unfortunately a huge pothole.
  • SG
    Sebastian G.
    19 July 2015 @ 17:53
    Excellent stuff. Best video so far! Please keep it up.
  • RB
    Roy B.
    17 July 2015 @ 21:07
    Incredibly well done. And here I sit in Philadelphia - old, broke and dead in the water. Good to know these oppties exist a mere mouse-click away.
  • NS
    Nico S.
    16 July 2015 @ 23:02
    It's all about the demographics, the demographics, the demographics... Sorry, that is a song isn't it (if you have teenagers you will get it)... Great thought process - means a great deal!
  • AE
    Alex E.
    16 July 2015 @ 19:24
    Totally agree with investment thesis, however, Baby Boomers will start dieing off soon. One third of world population disappearing will crimp investment picture for awhile.
  • AK
    Adam K.
    16 July 2015 @ 17:50
  • BL
    Bruce L.
    16 July 2015 @ 17:48
    Outstanding. Felt this way about India 2003 and went over there to build prop trading firm, too soon because of legal blocks and under capitalized but great opportunity. Thanks for this info.
  • cr
    chris r.
    16 July 2015 @ 15:17
    Great video, Love the education. Thank you
  • CP
    Charles P.
    16 July 2015 @ 13:37
    In keeping with this excellent analysis, I recommend Robert Kaplan's very fine book, "Monsoon". This book develops the political, security, economic issues.
  • DH
    Dale H.
    16 July 2015 @ 12:14
    Thank you. Great information. Appreciate you sharing. Updates would be good too.
  • TF
    Tom F.
    16 July 2015 @ 08:11
    Brilliant, original and forward looking analysis of a part of the world that we hear nothing about in mainstream media. Excellent work guys thanks for sharing your ideas!
  • TJ
    Terry J.
    15 July 2015 @ 18:05
    Fantastic Macro Vision. So many potential opportunities highlighted including Iran and Ethiopia which could be huge winners
  • jS
    jurgen S.
    15 July 2015 @ 17:54
    Thanks guys so many of your videos challenge the status quo. This is no exception. Really enjoyed it!
  • EL
    Elizabeth L.
    15 July 2015 @ 17:46
    Fabulous. Thank you for sharing your SIC presentation. What a great surprise for us.
  • db
    don b.
    15 July 2015 @ 16:53
    This is the kind of "out of the box" analysis that makes Real Vision TV different. This is a theme that a young person can buy into (DCA) to accumulate real wealth without being a master trader.