What Type of Investor Are You? (Investor Masterclass Season 1)

Published on
September 20th, 2021
62 minutes

Eric Crittenden — The Methods and Madness of Macro Trend Investing

What Type of Investor Are You? (Investor Masterclass Season 1)

Investor Masterclass ·
Featuring Jamie McDonald

Published on: September 20th, 2021 • Duration: 62 minutes

It is incredible how many ways there are to make money in the market. Whether it be as a systematic technical trader following strict rules and chart patterns or as a discretionary fundamental investor trying to understand the key drivers of asset prices, there are some things that seem to be ubiquitous. In this video breaking down the first season of Real Vision’s educational series "Investor Masterclass", Jamie McDonald highlights these near universal truths as well as the important nuances and distinctions between styles. No matter where you are in your own investing journey, you should come away with a better idea of the wide variety of ways that some of the most successful investors have managed to make money, the traits that seem to pop up no matter what styles they implement, and a clearer picture of where you sit on three important spectrums of investing.