Loretta Napoleoni – Le Club B

Published on
July 28th, 2016
46 minutes

Loretta Napoleoni – Le Club B

Le Club B ·
Featuring Loretta Napoleoni

Published on: July 28th, 2016 • Duration: 46 minutes

An expert in terror financing, Loretta Napoleoni breaks down the structural components of ISIS, explains the Privatization of Terrorism, and examines the global impulse towards populism and its global repercussions.


  • SB
    Stewart B.
    3 February 2019 @ 15:23
    Wow. I've just watched this at the beginning of 2019 and it is even more relevant now. Please invite back!
  • WM
    Will M.
    7 August 2016 @ 14:06
    Superb segment. One of the best presentations describing the reasons why the EU has lost its way. Well put together arguments. As she says and as most RV subscribers know "Eventually the crash will come...." yet our institutions refuse to make the very painful decisions on social welfare and military spending and foreign entanglements to make a change. The middle east is going to get WORSE not better. The migration to Europe will get WORSE and the migrants will not want abide with the western culture and its norms leading to friction and MORE terror incidents. She speaks the truth about the Middle eastern chaos while our feckless politicians blunder from one mistake to another with their bloated egos and their abject refusal to utter the words "I / we were wrong"...... I am with RVTV to hear this sort of stuff and seek ways to protect a life worth of careful savings.
  • MM
    MZ M.
    4 August 2016 @ 02:59
    Nice to hear her informed opinion on the issues and topics discussed. An additional resource for RVTV'ers to hear her is a Ted Talk from 2009 I think... https://www.ted.com/talks/loretta_napoleoni_the_intricate_economics_of_terrorism "She made her name following the dollars in terrorist networks, but now Loretta Napoleoni is on the trail of something far more sinister — the gray zone where crime and unregulated credit meet."
  • SS
    Stephen S.
    4 August 2016 @ 02:56
    A wonderful interview. I'd love to see other interviews like this that throw light on risks to the world economy from a tangential yet crucial field of expertise.
  • PT
    Pamela T.
    3 August 2016 @ 19:44
    Extraordinarily informative! Thanks for expanding the focus to include this interview.
  • PW
    Phil W.
    2 August 2016 @ 20:58
    A great different view of what the western media views are! Having said that we live in a world ware sound bytes are the only news given. RV expanding the thought process to it's subscribers, keep it coming!!!!!
  • MA
    Michael A.
    31 July 2016 @ 12:37
    Very insightful. Especially from what she says from 32:00-34:00. Never thought of it that way.
  • JS
    Jon S.
    31 July 2016 @ 02:33
    I agree with the re-establishment of the Monroe Doctrine philosophy. It is time. We have been the worlds police for too long. Pull it back and focus on home. It is just time.
  • LT
    Luc T.
    30 July 2016 @ 22:35
    How much safer the world would have been if the US had not purposely destabilised Afghanistan, Irak, Libya and Syria. There would have been no Al Qaeda and a breathing ground for Isis. The West has inflicted the refugee problem upon itself.
  • GG
    Giacomo G.
    30 July 2016 @ 19:48
    loved it. Grazie Loretta :) to Kevin and Hassan.... try to expand your vision of reality my friends ;)
  • AD
    Anthony D.
    30 July 2016 @ 16:47
    Articulate, thoughtful, unique vision of reality. RV does it again.
  • KA
    Kevin A.
    30 July 2016 @ 14:28
    12:00 min : Missing something... How did she get from if you don't make it into the 1% you are left with nothing? Not a 1%r and I live well. I can even afford to subscribe to Real Vision.
  • ZY
    ZHENG Y.
    30 July 2016 @ 07:45
    This is a good interview about the terrorist financing. As old saying in chinese: Money can make ghost to work. No money no talk as i believe in most condition.
  • HF
    Hassan F.
    30 July 2016 @ 04:58
    1:07 "My childhood friend became one of the leaders of the red brigade. Of course I didn't know" I believe her as much I believe Hilary Clinton. What a disgrace she should be in jail.
  • PC
    Peter C.
    30 July 2016 @ 02:25
    Different and insightful. Some great points on Brexit, Europe, ... Great for RVTV to bring some different perspectives to us
  • PD
    Philip D.
    29 July 2016 @ 22:39
    Badass interview ever!
  • VP
    Vincent P.
    29 July 2016 @ 19:47
    What a fascinating interview. Can we get her on MSM please so Americans can hear the truth about the state of affairs in the Middle East and Europe? As she says, it, (Trump), may be the only solution for itself.
  • BA
    Bader A.
    29 July 2016 @ 19:39
    Why she call it the "Islamic State" while it is not a state & has nothing to do with Islam?
  • BB
    Bojo B.
    29 July 2016 @ 16:47
    Great interview. I actually work as freelance interpreter for EU institutions. There is very widespread misperception that the unelected Commission dictates everything. It just puts forward a proposal, Council and Parliament are co-legislators. Granted, some things are forcefully promoted by the Commission, but normally Member states have the last word. Also, I agree the euro is a disaster, it's a Franco-German political project, but economically unfeasible. As for interpreting, yes, often it is unnecessary, but man, the English of many politicians is quite poor. Try listening Council President Tusk in English, and you will see what the word ‘’agony’’ really means : )
  • DS
    David S.
    29 July 2016 @ 09:06
    Various relevant, insightful comments that just do not yield any basis for the final conclusions. Domestic and international terrorism is the new reality for generations. This means that every country or group of countries can not run or hide from terrorism. Each country, family and citizen must develop survival tactics and strategies to an undefined endgame. Terrorism adds an incremental risk to every portfolio. This is the modern world that Nietzsche imagined and could not think of a way . It is strange when we are nostalgic for the days of the Cold War.
  • JV
    Jens V.
    29 July 2016 @ 07:56
    My goodness. I think I'm holding on to my gold and silver stocks for now.. Balance of probability doesn't look favorable for peace and stability - neither financially nor geopolitically. As a European I'm very worried.
  • AA
    Alexander A.
    28 July 2016 @ 20:33
    Let's get NASSIM TALEB on here as a national priority.
  • Sv
    Sid v.
    28 July 2016 @ 19:48
    Nice lady, lots of good insight, but she is dead wrong on the idea that everything can be solved with only negotiation. Negotiation only works when there is a threat of force, and there is only a threat of force is force is actually used to destroy, weaken, and destabilize the enemy. The Red Brigades collapsed when their ideology, ie Communism is nirvana, collapsed and they realized they could not win, and they were being hunted throughout Europe. The countless revolutionary wars in Latin America died after years of armed conflict and defeat, demonstrating that their ideology was bankrupt. Try negotiating with a drug lord about taking away his money, guns, and women and see how far you get.
  • EL
    Elizabeth L.
    28 July 2016 @ 18:54
    Thank you Ms Napoleoni. I learned more about the state of the world in your piece than I have learned through all the other sources I follow who specialize in global geopolitics. Recommend that you do a regular periodic commentary like you did this month. RVTV am sure you know this is essential information.
  • GC
    Gary C.
    28 July 2016 @ 18:49
    I had to stop the interview part way.. As my hands were cramping up...white knuckles....like in the dentists chair.. "Powerful" is not enough to describe this video essay
  • RM
    Richard M.
    28 July 2016 @ 18:37
    Wow - incredibly fascinating interview! Really keen insightful analysis on what's going on in the European sphere and how it might impact the world at large. Only RVTV is bringing this kind of analysis so that we can factor it in to our investment horizons - BRAVO!!!
  • ET
    Ed T.
    28 July 2016 @ 18:12
    Trump is not a person that I am drawn to for many different reasons that are obvious to most. The reason I will give him serious consideration however is because he is the only guy who appears willing to question the U.S. role in foreign affairs and our antagonism toward nearly everyone, especially the very capable and nuclear armed Russians. If there is any chance of dialing down the military industrial complex, it may lie with him. It didn't work out so well for JFK (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvQ2FUwvcqw) or MLK ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OC1Ru2p8OfU) to speak such blasphemy, and it takes balls the size of church bells to take this on. For that one thing alone, I will consider him and hope that his other dumb ideas gain no traction.
  • Jv
    Joris v.
    28 July 2016 @ 17:38
    Crazy to think about all the things that have happened since this interview.
  • DM
    Dom M.
    28 July 2016 @ 17:30
    Ottimo lavoro!
  • RW
    Richard W.
    28 July 2016 @ 16:58
    What a fascinating talk!
  • hb
    hilde b.
    28 July 2016 @ 16:49