Market Outlook for 2021 in Charts – Live with Peter Brandt

Published on
January 18th, 2021
78 minutes

The Dollar’s Blazing Crash, Treasury Market Destruction, and Western Society’s Ungentle Implosion – Live with Jeff Snider

Market Outlook for 2021 in Charts – Live with Peter Brandt

Live ·
Featuring Peter Brandt

Published on: January 18th, 2021 • Duration: 78 minutes

Legendary chartist, Peter Brandt of Factor LLC, returns to Real Vision Live to run through his 2021 outlook for a handful of assets based on their technical setups. Together with Real Vision’s Max Wiethe, Brandt will analyze the setups in US, Japanese, and Chinese equities. In addition to equities Brandt will also examine corn and other agricultural commodities, gold, bitcoin, US Treasurys, and currencies. Brandt will also take questions from the audience and provide his macro perspective after decades of successful trading.



  • TE
    Tito E.
    20 January 2021 @ 07:36
    Always great to see presentations from Peter. Always so clear. ..not sure i'll be taking advice to borrow all one possibly can to buy a house though. You can fix the rate for a while, but as he said, rates can only go up from here..
    • KS
      Karin S.
      15 February 2021 @ 22:52
      I was surprised he said this as well. Really surprised actually. I'm someone that isn't sure if I should buy or wait. If interest rates start to nudge up, don' we expect the RE market to come in quite a bit?
  • RG
    Rob G.
    21 January 2021 @ 05:20
    I f%$#*ing love that guy
    • MC
      Mark C.
      13 February 2021 @ 07:17
      Me too. He is a great follow on twitter too. I am definitely a Peter Brandt Stan.
    • MC
      Mark C.
      13 February 2021 @ 07:21
      I just discovered he has a bunch of videos on here that go over trading... i will be watching them all.
  • MC
    Mark C.
    13 February 2021 @ 07:16
    Thanks for making this interview available. One of my favorite interviews was his with Raoul last year. I recently rewatched it. I think that last five or so minutes should be made into a separate video. Its incredibly powerful and probably the best advice I could hear as I am in the beginning of my trading career. Thank you to both of you!
  • PE
    Paul E.
    11 February 2021 @ 18:27
    Very interesting hearing the way Peter Brandt thinks, really appreciate this interview. Thanks!
  • JW
    Jarkko W.
    20 January 2021 @ 13:11
    Great interview. Maybe next time more conversation about trading ? Or maybe even whole series of interviews about trading ? Market wizard style ? I think there is interest for that kind of serie ? Cheers !
    • MB
      Michael B.
      21 January 2021 @ 02:58
      There was a 6 episode series long ago on RV, with Peter running through his trading style. Unsure what’s happened to it... but it is on Peter’s paid Factor site.
    • TO
      Tak O.
      1 February 2021 @ 03:17
      Peter is featured on Jack Schwager's latest market wizards series, "Unknown Market Wizards".
  • SB
    Stewart B.
    26 January 2021 @ 16:58
    Wise words on crude oil. IMHO it is going to take huge amounts of crude oil, iron and copper to build out the Green New Deal. Ironically the green super-movement may be the most bullish argument for mining and resources ever.
  • MB
    Mathew B.
    26 January 2021 @ 08:52
    It would be great to have some kind of summary.
  • JA
    Jordan A.
    21 January 2021 @ 03:12
    You guys should have Peter Schiff on. I know he's kinda dogmatic, but he has never advocated shorting the market. He believes the nominal value is at risk. Also he has been extremely right with regards to the dollar, gold, emerging markets, base metals and materials. I made a crap load of money listening to Peter Schiff.
    • CH
      Calvin H.
      23 January 2021 @ 20:51
      Hard to believe...his fund record is underwhelming at best...his gold endeavors are mediocre. Goldmoney Meeh, Besra gold miner went bankrupt... his shelf life has expired. What about Jim Rickards?
  • JS
    John S.
    21 January 2021 @ 04:35
    About the eur/usd I think one cannot expect to go back to the volatility range of the times before the common currency. The action of the national banks before the creation of the BCE was unrelated and the EURO was designed for Germany based mostly on the Deutsche Mark price, rather than Italian lyra or Spanish peseta. The funny fact is that we all look for the reasons of the weakening of the dollar and think about crypto as the future. However, European countries after hundreds of year of history established the euro breaking a trend of currencies hundreds of years back in history. Common sense tell me that before we will see a global crypto currency as main currency and disarrayed from governments (unlikely). We will see the raise of the euro/yuan power. However, I agree the dollar is oversold where it is and one small bounce back is left imminently... but we shall see...
  • BM
    Bibhu M.
    21 January 2021 @ 04:14
    Awesome interview. Timeless wisdom to learn from. Thanks!
  • JS
    John S.
    20 January 2021 @ 22:41
    This was amazing - next time I would love that he gives his opinion on ETH Chart... many thanks.
  • JL
    John L.
    20 January 2021 @ 21:07
    I love how the coo coo clock went off when he was taking about TSLA. Portent?
  • AW
    Abigail W.
    20 January 2021 @ 16:24
    I learned a lot from Peter, he is much more than a self claimed technical trader. Thank you and take care!
  • MJ
    Marius J.
    20 January 2021 @ 12:38
  • VG
    Viktor G.
    20 January 2021 @ 10:35
    As always, it's a very valuable material! Max is getting stronger in moderation and Peter is a master of his art. I only have one wish for Peter to focus on technicals only. Many thanks!
  • mk
    munira k.
    20 January 2021 @ 08:47
    Peter is class. Incredibly insightful and clear. Worth the RV subscription just to hear him. Thank you Peter for your great work! Really appreciate it!!
  • JW
    J W.
    20 January 2021 @ 06:33
    It's such a pleasure to hear from Peter Brandt. I always feel privileged to be able to tap into his vast experience. Great questions from Max as well. Dynamic interview.
  • DG
    David G.
    20 January 2021 @ 05:20
    This is the Peter Brandt from beginning of Unknown Market Wizards. When he said, "It's like popcorn," I was like, I've heard that before. Mr. Brandt, I would be remise if I didn't ask about your current positions, "what's your time horizon, what kind of move are you looking for, what price or event would tell you that you are wrong." That's rhetorical lol. My should of, could of, would of trades for the last 12 months are getting out of SLV and CORN before they went vertical on their swings. I'm solidifying my reason to swing the bat, and learning to manage winners better. I have to a least keep running until the ball is fielded. To put it in terms you like, assuming you love popcorn as much as me, the popping slows down before the popping stops, and you burn what's in the kettle. Said differently, respective of the dominant timeframe for the trade, their is often a stage 3 before a stage 4, if you've caught on to a strong stage 2, don't be afraid to wait for the popping to slow in stage 3 before dumping the kettle. Thanks!
  • mw
    michael w.
    20 January 2021 @ 03:46
    What social media is Peter using? Fintwit is totally the opposite.
  • WH
    William H.
    20 January 2021 @ 02:03
    Max, great interview! You are asking the questions I want to know the answer to.
  • LS
    Lemony S.
    20 January 2021 @ 01:53
    Peter knows what's up with BTC, long and strong!
  • AS
    Ash S.
    20 January 2021 @ 00:39
    Peter is so awesome! Come on max, charger?
  • MW
    Max W. | Real Vision
    19 January 2021 @ 23:28
    Link to the chart deck: