My Great Edge in Investing

Published on
August 3rd, 2018
10 minutes


  • DS
    Denise S.
    6 August 2018 @ 00:11
    Gentlemen, Wondering if a subscription to the Macro Insiders will include Real vision TV and the Think Tank? thx
  • BM
    Beth M.
    3 August 2018 @ 18:22
    Raoul, I think what would be great is if you would provide a detailed example of a trade that worked over time. What you saw initially, how it transpired, and any changes you made until you reached your target price. Many thanks in advance!
    • BM
      Beth M.
      3 August 2018 @ 18:32
      And keep up the great work...this provides me with confidence...that often I lack...this type of "training" provides the exact insight that I'm looking for so that I can "stand" with conviction when my trade position faces headwinds.