2008 Deja Vu? Banks On The Ropes?

Published on
February 15th, 2016
11 minutes

2008 Deja Vu? Banks On The Ropes?

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Featuring Dave Floyd

Published on: February 15th, 2016 • Duration: 11 minutes

Dave Floyd, Founder of Aspen Trading Group, takes us through a technical analysis of IWM, Goldman Sachs, and the DXY, explaining the patterns that are appearing and the trades he recommends based on them.


  • MS
    Matt S.
    29 January 2017 @ 22:36
    Dave - good video (watched end of Jan 2017!) Can you do a video on how YOU use EW? I've ignored it by and large as it always goes too deep and to me it becomes a bit ridiculous. But a basic usage of it I'm sure is useful. Thanks.
  • DF
    Dave F.
    17 March 2016 @ 18:34
    Richard (part 3)....so I would say that I have overcome the 'subjectivity' aspect of EW. Plus remember, by placing a wave count in harmony with trend/macro backdrop you eliminate lots of subjectivity
  • DF
    Dave F.
    17 March 2016 @ 18:33
    Richard (part 2) ....be doing this as a profession and have a fair degree of incremental returns versus volatile and haphazard returns. By and large my calls/forecasts here at RVTV have panned out..
  • DF
    Dave F.
    17 March 2016 @ 18:31
    Richard - I would say that many forms of technical analysis are subjective. In the end, one's level of experience cuts through the subjectivity. If it was as subjective as you note I would not...
  • FT
    Frank T.
    26 February 2016 @ 02:56
    You draw and get the Fib ratio which occurs in nature. However, do these charts become self filling prophesies? The commodity exposure of Sachs blows all of that out of the water?
  • RF
    Richard F.
    24 February 2016 @ 03:17
    Dave - EW is very subjective . 10 people will find 10 different placements. Fibs are also not without individual interpretations on placement. They can't all work - that's how it effects credibility.
  • DF
    Dave F.
    23 February 2016 @ 20:13
    Richard - in future videos there will be some emphasis on how they are placed. However, how can they have less credibility if they work - but are not laid out in the video?
  • DF
    Dave F.
    23 February 2016 @ 20:11
    Bill, really? C'mon, nobody is interested in bait and switch or the like. RVTV contributors are global and need to submit to RVTV HQ - sadly cannot produce in real time - it will improve with time
  • BM
    Bill M.
    22 February 2016 @ 03:31
    Janet, maybe the widespread is to make sure the prediction is going to pan out before publishing!!
  • RF
    Richard F.
    19 February 2016 @ 22:44
    If you are quoting fib retracements and Elliott Wave, they would have more credibility if you showed how you placed them on your charts.
  • DF
    Dave F.
    17 February 2016 @ 17:57
    Derek, until the US joins the negative interest rate party (god forbid) USD will likely be the least ugly of the fiat currencies.
  • DF
    Dave F.
    16 February 2016 @ 23:58
    Hi Tim, I would be happy to do a quick overview of drawing in Fib levels. I will do that on the next video.
  • DF
    Dave F.
    16 February 2016 @ 23:57
    Hi Fred, I closed my IWM Put Spread (Feb) because it had reached the max profit - holding it longer simply made no sense. Thanks for your question.
  • DD
    Derek D.
    16 February 2016 @ 18:44
    Great video. Any thoughts on what negative rates, yuan de/revalue, dollar carry trade, and (my worry) massive dollar repatriation could mean for the dollar? I might be in dollar rally denial.
  • SB
    Stewart B.
    15 February 2016 @ 21:49
    Great. I liked that there was a discussion of previous trade recommendations from past videos.
  • js
    janet s.
    15 February 2016 @ 20:39
    Filmed on 2/11 - not published until 2/15 - I would love to see that spread get narrower.
  • TH
    Tim H.
    15 February 2016 @ 19:34
    Can we get a video of how to draw fibonacci retracements correctly? Think that would be useful! Great video, thanks!
  • JH
    John H.
    15 February 2016 @ 16:40
    Teaching you how to fish. Keep it up.
  • FS
    Fred S.
    15 February 2016 @ 15:24
    Excellent analysis. I still have my IWM position on. What triggered you to close yours out? nearness of expiry? I did a MAR spread to give more time. Mistake?