Australian Housing: A Case Study with Joe Walker

Published on
December 17th, 2019
4 minutes

Australian Housing: A Case Study with Joe Walker

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Featuring Joe Walker

Published on: December 17th, 2019 • Duration: 4 minutes

Joe Walker of the Jolly Swagman Podcast sheds some important light on the Australian housing market. In this series of three interviews, Walker examines whether or not Australia is in fact in the middle of a housing bubble, if the Australian dream has become a nightmare, and what it all means for the rest of the global economy.


  • JB
    John B.
    18 December 2019 @ 02:22
    If i had a house in 2013 worth 700k and in 2019 its worth 1M its true value has actually gone down as the AUD has crashed. Basically aussie assets have lost 30% since 2013 when aud was parity with usd. So to talk of a bubble is nonsense
    • FF
      Farouk F.
      18 December 2019 @ 04:14
      I wish they chose someone else to do these interviews. I don't want to knock Joe but he is better suited on a podcast or YouTube where you can regurgitate the same quotes over and over again. I would prefer someone with more experience and knowledge in this matter. Dropping long winded quotes verbatim is a big red flag for me.
    • WC
      Wes C.
      18 December 2019 @ 04:33
      Your presumption is that the Australian housing market is fuelled purely by USD denominated international buyers is wrong. This is a complex system and whilst international buyers (Chinese namely) have been a factor, it is only one of many. I’d encourage you to listen to the housing week podcasts of the Jolly Swagmen to understand the range of views on this market.
    • JW
      Joseph W. | Contributor
      18 December 2019 @ 04:52
      Hey @Farouk, you're right, the Samuelson quote probably was a little pompous! I was winging it and it felt relevant. I hope you at least get some insights from the three guests -- they shared some great analysis. Joe
    • bm
      brian m.
      26 December 2019 @ 17:22
      Other currencies are almost irrelevant as overseas buyers dont make up a large section of the market..and Stan Druckenmiller is long AUD.
  • JS
    John S.
    26 December 2019 @ 04:10
    great to see Joe on Realvision in addition to the pod.
  • SB
    Simon B.
    18 December 2019 @ 07:18
    Love you work Joe! Don’t worry about the property bulls unfair comments. Stoked that you are getting the credit you deserve on such a great platform.