Why the World Needs Real Vision

Published on
October 13th, 2017
8 minutes

Why the World Needs Real Vision

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Featuring Raoul Pal & Grant Williams

Published on: October 13th, 2017 • Duration: 8 minutes

Co-founders Raoul Pal and Grant Williams sit down together for a conversation on the vision behind Real Vision. Returning to the very genesis in 2013, Raoul and Grant share the passion that led to the company's inception, and divulge their vision for the future.


  • DK
    Devon K.
    16 December 2017 @ 18:32
    Why on the podcast is James always making fun of Grants age? He looks pretty damn you to me. Awesome programming, but if my laundry doesn't get washed for the next year, it will be RV's fault.
  • TR
    Tom R.
    1 December 2017 @ 09:59
    Thank you Grant & Raoul for bringing the RealVision platform of diverse, in-depth high quality content from multiple sources to the investing public. Happy anniversary on three years of making meaningful contributions to your expanding subscriber base. To more and better......God Bless......
  • me
    mark e.
    25 November 2017 @ 20:45
    The idea of "no paid advertising, so no bias" an appealing one. While there will be messaging bias on a personal level - seems intuitive that a person will use air time to their best interest, not necessarily that of the viewer - the lack of traditional advertising is still attractive.
  • BL
    Bart L.
    20 October 2017 @ 08:54
    we need both sides of the argument to be more well rounded investors