Culture Is the New Asset Class

Published on
May 27th, 2022
63 minutes

Culture Is the New Asset Class

Raoul Pal Adventures in Crypto ·
Featuring Timbaland, Andrew Rosener, Joel Madden, Jonathan Tenenbaum, and Raoul Pal

Published on: May 27th, 2022 • Duration: 63 minutes

Ever wonder why mega-stars of the music industry are going all in on NFTs? Curious about what they see in Web3 that makes it a breakthrough for artists? Have we got the interview for you… Enjoy and be enlightened by this star-studded discussion featuring music legends Timbaland, Joel Madden, and Ape-In Productions founders Andrew Rosener and Jonathan Tenebaum. The quartet explores the potential of NFTs and Web3 to unlock musicians’ creative potential and to put them closer to their fans. It’s an episode you can’t miss if you love music and care about its future. Recorded at Real Vision/MGM’s The Takeover on December 10, 2021.