Is Inflation Here to Stay? (Best of 2021)

Published on
December 27th, 2021
84 minutes

Is Inflation Here to Stay? (Best of 2021)

Raoul Pal the Journey Man ·
Featuring James Aitken and Raoul Pal

Published on: December 27th, 2021 • Duration: 84 minutes

On the first day of Real Vision Essential's Best of Videos, we're re-releasing this must-watch as we head into 2022. James Aitken has the ear of many of the world's largest hedge funds. In this interview, Raoul and James, founder of Aitken Advisors LLP, discuss whether inflation is here to stay and how that might affect asset prices going forward. James isn't a bond bear, which would be the more obvious trade—instead, he has a much more nuanced argument around the right equities to own (energy companies in particular). James also lends his deep experience on China, learning from his past mistakes to try to understand Xi's big transition of the Chinese economy. Recorded on September 14, 2021.