Steering Clear of Trading’s “Black Hole”

Published on
February 14th, 2022
22 minutes

Steering Clear of Trading’s “Black Hole”

Real Visionaries: Alex Gurevich ·
Featuring Alex Gurevich

Published on: February 14th, 2022 • Duration: 22 minutes

There were many certainties in the market following the pandemic—but what were the uncertainties? Before introducing his guests for the series, Gurevich describes his early life in Russia where he first discovered a passion for mathematics and science fiction. The latter even influenced his own publications like "The Next Perfect Trade," and his latest book "The Trades of March." As founder and CIO of HonTe Investments, Gurevich is no stranger to formulating new trading strategies. After a brief introduction, Gurevich looks forward to exploring the markets with guests who offer their own “clear philosophical framework," and responses to the pandemic. Recorded on January 26, 2022