“This Digital Asset Ecosystem is Not Staying at 3 Trillion”

Published on
January 27th, 2022
74 minutes

“This Digital Asset Ecosystem is Not Staying at 3 Trillion”

Real Visionaries: Mark W Yusko ·
Featuring Dan Tapiero and Mark W. Yusko

Published on: January 27th, 2022 • Duration: 74 minutes

In a conversation that explores the potential and evolution within the digital assets space, Dan Tapiero says that we’re witnessing the rebirth of “an entire financial economic system.” The renowned macro investor has worked with giants in the financial world and reflects on his own experiences with the likes of Julian Robertson and Stan Druckenmiller. Tapiero is also the founder of 10T Holdings, a growth equity fund that will invest exclusively in digital assets and crypto companies and represents Tapiero’s shift from the past to now “focusing on the future.” In discussion with host Mark Yusko, he also reveals why he doesn’t trade in this space, the importance of a diversified crypto portfolio, and what you have to be willing to do in order to build wealth in the digital asset ecosystem.