Madoff Whistleblower Flags Next Big Financial Scandals (RE-RELEASE)

Published on
October 25th, 2020
42 minutes

Madoff Whistleblower Flags Next Big Financial Scandals (RE-RELEASE)

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Featuring Harry Markopolos

Published on: October 25th, 2020 • Duration: 42 minutes

Harry Markopolos is the former derivatives professional turned independent financial fraud investigator who uncovered the $65 billion Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, only to be ignored by the SEC for over nine years. A vocal critic of the US regulator, Harry now has the audit world and insurance industry in his sights as the next big financial frauds yet to come to light.



  • RM
    Ritwik M.
    30 October 2020 @ 16:29
    Good watch !
  • WM
    Will M.
    28 October 2020 @ 18:24
    I think its essential to have Harry back on asap to update his thoughts and red flag companies to check on or check out of. As someone says below, guys like Harry are true financial heroes, generally unknown and un heralded yet out to try to give the system credibility. Madoff should die in prison, but he will probably get out as a white collar master criminal.....after all, he is simply doing what many in government do all the time.
    • WM
      Will M.
      28 October 2020 @ 18:27
      Sorry but I also add that Martin Armstrong rants about the New York philosophy on financial and banking crime all the time, and is justified in doing so. So much power and influence....
  • LS
    L S.
    27 October 2020 @ 20:08
    What date was this interview?
    • LS
      L S.
      27 October 2020 @ 20:08
      Sorry, just saw 2016 in the transcript. (-:
  • DB
    Donald B.
    27 October 2020 @ 02:58
    2012 time frame, I actually blew this HARRY MARCOPOLIS quote up and made it into a GIANT sticker which covered the whole side of my Cargo trailer. I drove it around the whole country FOR YEARS working Rock concerts and festivals coast o coast: "Government has coddled, accepted, and ignored white collar crime for too long. It is time the nation woke up and realized that it's not the armed robbers or drug dealers who cause the most economic harm, it's the white collar criminals living in the most expensive homes who have the most impressive resumes who harm us the most. HARRY MARCOPOLIS" This what an American Hero looks like!
  • NA
    Nasir A.
    27 October 2020 @ 01:01
    Great interview, it will be nice to hear what Harry has to say about 2020.
  • DS
    David S.
    26 October 2020 @ 20:21
    Now do TSLA Harry
  • PT
    Peter T.
    26 October 2020 @ 19:32
    bring him back !!!
  • MR
    Michael R.
    26 October 2020 @ 15:26
    Bitcoin and Blockchain fixes this.
  • MJ
    Max J.
    26 October 2020 @ 00:22
    Harry is brilliant, and brave! Bring him back on please! Shame on the people and systems that proliferate and profit from this fraudulent financial environment (against "we the people")!!!
  • AM
    Alexander M.
    25 October 2020 @ 21:35
    Sickening, really sickening. The morals of honest hard working folks to be betrayed and used by these bastards needs serious intent and of course it ain't gonna happen. Starve the banks . Become your own bank. Its the only way.
  • CS
    Christopher S.
    25 October 2020 @ 20:03
    Great pick - top scores on relevancy. @13:50 from the end, the videos covers insurance risks from negative interest rate and some "future" pandemic-affected mortality tables. I'm currently trying to understand crypto yield farming and am glad that I saw this video, although I'm not yet sure on the degree relevance in the patterns discussed.
  • TM
    Tommy M.
    25 October 2020 @ 17:16
    Can you please provide the transcript? Thank you.
  • AN
    Andrew N.
    25 October 2020 @ 16:04
    It would be interesting to find out if he still considers the SEC strong under the leadership of Jay Clayton, especially with respect to it’s willingness to look the other way when it comes to Tesla.
  • AM
    Alonso M.
    25 October 2020 @ 14:41
    If we can call 2020 the year of ESG, then I posit 2021 might prove to be the year of fraud discovery where focus shifts from E to G. I figure if a narrative is easy to sell, then there are fraudsters out there selling it. I assume this means frauds can be uncovered in clusters and can be specific to an industry group. A terrific interview that reminds us if it's too good to be true, then it's probably false.
  • LT
    LongVol T.
    25 October 2020 @ 06:57
    get him back! he's my hero
    • LT
      LongVol T.
      25 October 2020 @ 07:08
      just hear him at 27.30 Raoul asks about what the risks are . just hear him. Now think how smart,how brave -Madoff case- and how ethical this guy is -gift wrapping and delivering to the SEC the biggest frauds-
  • AC
    Andrew C.
    25 October 2020 @ 05:50
    Great interview. Suspect you could release it in 2030 and it would also be relevant....