The Drive Toward a Digital India

Published on
March 19th, 2018
25 minutes

The Drive Toward a Digital India

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Featuring Raoul Pal

Published on: March 19th, 2018 • Duration: 25 minutes

In this second part of a two-part series, Raoul Pal focuses on the growth of India’s digital infrastructure and the foreign direct investment that is driving this technological change. But is everyone going to be included in the revolution, or will rural regions remain marginalized? Change is happening and at a breakneck speed, but is India well-placed to reap the rewards?


  • dg
    daniel g.
    30 March 2020 @ 23:10
    i just remember watching 15 guys stand around watching one guy dig one hole
  • sk
    srini k.
    1 January 2019 @ 02:15
    Kind of too bullish report. More emphasis is on Demographics bullish case and less on unemployment. On an extreme bearish case Demographics is viewed as ticking time bomb due to lack of "meaningful" jobs, means jobs better than a menial jobs such as retail, for the educated. There is a possibility of a social unrest unless unemployment is solved. Modi's government's lack of emphasis on creating new jobs is a big disappointment. Their emphasis has been on collecting taxes rather than on creation of jobs. But sheer power of survivor spirit is what is managing the expansion of economy from bottom up, rather than from top down by leadership.
  • CH
    Craig H.
    22 March 2018 @ 10:03
    One thing this report showed was the difference between India and China with regard to controlling corruption and that was the command economy being superior to the democratic economy where tough decisions are based upon the next electoral round. A troubling insight was the lack of jobs for the young better educated youth who like all other youth in all other countries are faced with technology reducing opportunities. What this shows is that even a democracy needs to put their citizens above corporate gains to advance the overall good.
  • BC
    Bryan C.
    22 March 2018 @ 04:05
    Oh, also agree with Pieter B, my cellular data access on Airtel was very slow and spotty in the cities (Patna and Delhi). The smog was terrible and should be targeted as a public health risk.
  • BC
    Bryan C.
    22 March 2018 @ 03:59
    (Last bit) ...59-60% of the population (lower castes) will be forced to remain in poverty and will not have access to basic education, healthcare, or adequate housing. States are very fragmented - no
  • BC
    Bryan C.
    22 March 2018 @ 03:56
    (More) ...biggest problem (not mentioned in the video) is Modi’s attempt to use Hinduism to build a national identity. Social enforcement of the cast system ensures that 50-60% of the population will
  • BC
    Bryan C.
    22 March 2018 @ 03:54
    (Adding to my previous post). There were no apparent building, electrical, or plumbing codes even on new construction. And sanitation in the cities was almost non existent. But the biggest problem (no
  • BC
    Bryan C.
    22 March 2018 @ 03:52
    I was in India for the past 12 days and saw a very different country than the one described in the segment. I visited Patna (in Bihar) and Delhi. Poverty was rampant. The streets were absolute chaos (
  • PB
    Pieter B.
    21 March 2018 @ 16:21
    But I agree with you Raoul that all these shortcomings offer big opportunities for change and hence investment profits!
  • PB
    Pieter B.
    21 March 2018 @ 16:14
    In fact, currently Nigeria, Uganda and Venezuela have more reliable 4G than Bangalore, Delhi & Goa in India (I visited all countries in 2017 with India being the last)
  • PB
    Pieter B.
    21 March 2018 @ 16:09
    Thanks a lot for another great India video Raoul! As a digital nomad / daytrader the reliability of the 4G network across India of both Airtel & Vodafone was very poor. I hope they do proper 5G soon!
  • RM
    Richard M.
    19 March 2018 @ 13:29
    ** RVTV **, again, it would be helpful to post the "recorded" date on the info summary page. Thanks.
    • DH
      Damian H. | Founder
      19 March 2018 @ 13:57
      We are working on this now. It's not always obvious as we sometimes shoot over different dates (depending on the complexity of the film) but this addition is being worked out and will start to appear on videos soon.
    • RM
      Richard M.
      19 March 2018 @ 13:59
      Thanks Damian, appreciate the quick (and positive) feedback!
    • DS
      David S.
      19 March 2018 @ 19:20
      Thanks for working on this. DLS
    • CA
      Craig A.
      21 March 2018 @ 09:45
      Do a range of dates then
  • WB
    Wes B.
    20 March 2018 @ 17:25
    EPI and INDA charts look a little sick. Start with a chart!
  • KJ
    Keith J.
    20 March 2018 @ 12:46
    I’m sure the content is great but still no audio download 24 hours after the video was posted. I commented to this effect on the previous video and received 10 thumbs up and no thumbs down so I think this is a popular feature of the platform. Not everyone consumes the content in the same way - unfortunately sitting down to watch every video isn’t feasible for me but I can listen to audio while driving etc. Most of the content can be consumed equally well in both formats. Would be good if you can get back to posting the audio at the same time as the video.
  • PD
    Peter D.
    20 March 2018 @ 00:07
    Nice work. A great summary of the opportunities and the threats.
  • SP
    Steve P.
    19 March 2018 @ 21:20
    Interesting video. While improving their telecoms, maybe India needs to think about whether they will be able to see their shiny new Smartphone screens in a few years. Background smog in a couple of scenes was 'Beijing' like. .
  • TF
    Terry F.
    19 March 2018 @ 19:58
    I enjoy all these RVTV videos. However, I listen to most of them as a downloaded MP3 file while on the go. I have found lately that some of these videos do not have a download button/function. Please add these to all your videos. Thank you.
  • ag
    anthony g.
    19 March 2018 @ 19:38
    Enjoyed both one and two of this series. Many thanks. Would love to see more and also see more ideas of where to invest. One name was mentioned a while ago I believe. Do you have any more ideas in tech, telecom, banking, consumer discretionary, etc, etc ?
  • DR
    David R.
    19 March 2018 @ 18:34
    In light of lessons learned from Studwell's "How Asia Works", I would have loved some discussion about what is going on in agricultural sectors to maximize rural employment, mfr to maximize urban employment, and in banking to focus economy on exporting.
  • LQ
    Leslie Q.
    19 March 2018 @ 16:46
    Great honest 2 part series by Raoul! It really gave me a personal insight through his eyes together with such depth and interview snippets. Looking forward to more!
  • ag
    amin g.
    19 March 2018 @ 15:46
    Raoul, have you caught the delhi bug? Your voice sounds " hoarse."
  • RM
    Richard M.
    19 March 2018 @ 13:57
    Raoul, fantastic segment on India - I really enjoy these on the ground type of shows (Jawad's road series was awesome too, would love to see him do more on this too). It's so eye opening to hear experts who actually live in the region discuss important issues that foreigners don't always think about. India has great promise but it will be a slow climb up, but I'm sure they will get there. Modi has been integral to India's development and hopefully he will be around long enough to keep pushing until natural momentum can sustain itself without his guidance. Anyway, great piece and thanks for taking the time to do this.