The Reasonable Investor’s Guide to India

Published on
July 25th, 2022
54 minutes

It’s Fed Week: What to Watch For — Live With Lyn Alden and Luke Gromen

The Reasonable Investor’s Guide to India

The Essential Conversation ·
Featuring Sunil Singhania and Maggie Lake

Published on: July 25th, 2022 • Duration: 54 minutes

“The best company is not necessarily the best stock if it’s priced beyond perfection,” says Sunil Singhania. Singhania is the founder of Abakkus Asset Manager LLP, a fund focused on finding alpha in Indian equities. In conversation with Real Vision’s Maggie Lake, Singhania cautions that key factors that make India an attractive investment – primarily a growing, young, increasingly wealthy, educated, and productive population – are already priced into many sectors. Though some of the froth in high-flying tech stocks has come off lately, as Singhania notes, it’s still all too easy to be swept up by the promise of exponential growth. Singhania’s background as an accountant helps him squash the FOMO instinct and focus on fundamentals and value, an approach he hopes will appeal to institutional and retail investors from outside the country. This is essential content for anyone thinking about allocating capital in emerging markets generally and India specifically. Singhania shares critical insights on errors investors make over and over again as they seek higher returns overseas. Recorded on May 12, 2022.