Investing in Iraq: Perception vs. Reality

Published on
November 25th, 2020
52 minutes

Investing in Iraq: Perception vs. Reality

The Expert View ·
Featuring Geoffrey Batt

Published on: November 25th, 2020 • Duration: 52 minutes

Iraq is not a place that immediately comes to mind when thinking of attractive investment opportunities. Despite decades of geopolitical turbulence, investors have long eyed frontier markets like Iraq for high-growth value investments. Geoffrey Batt, Managing Member of Euphrates Advisors, invests exclusively in Iraqi companies – from consumer-packaged goods and banks to telecommunications firms and e-commerce. For over a decade, he has invested in the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) and has been able to identify companies with long term capital appreciation. He sees a transformation currently taking place with Iraq's younger generation and the widespread adoption of fintech companies throughout the country. Filmed November 23, 2020. Key Learnings: Batt explains his investment philosophy in searching for economies with potential historic equity re-ratings. He notes that that the greatest opportunities in any market, asset class and investment are those in which there’s a very wide gap between perception and reality.



  • GC
    Gavin C.
    6 January 2021 @ 19:02
    This is great. Love these more adventurous topics. The intro was a little poor but listening to Bratt is good and the approach of buying businesses's in these sorts of areas is refreshing to hear. If you like this then try and get a copy of 'Riches Among The Ruins' by Robert P. Smith.
  • JL
    Jinny L.
    4 December 2020 @ 11:46
    where can i find a chart of the iraq index? i can't seem to find anything in yahoo finance? thanks
  • KD
    Kelley D.
    29 November 2020 @ 11:07
    Great info I could not get anywhere else...will circle back and look at Genel Energy which trades in London.. Also four years ago I did private offering in Cambodia of all places..KMPG audited far so good...Let's call these both "Pre Frontier". which makes them 10 baggers or zero....further note..IRR on private investments by Vietnam Opportunity Fund has been in mid-20's over the years.which gives further confirmation to Mr. Batt's case for Iraq..
  • JC
    Jack C.
    28 November 2020 @ 08:26
    not sure about this intro woman...
  • TW
    Tom W.
    26 November 2020 @ 19:15
    My instincts looking at the title and listening to the first few minutes were wrong, dead wrong. I consider this a valuable lesson learned
  • MS
    Martin S.
    26 November 2020 @ 09:22
    This was superb.
  • RL
    Remmelt L.
    25 November 2020 @ 23:18
    This why I have real vision!
  • SC
    Sam C.
    25 November 2020 @ 09:35
    OMG, the gods have answered my prayers!