Blockchain Helping to Reshape Agriculture

Published on
September 13th, 2021
44 minutes

Kevin Kelly: Social Tokens, DAOs, & the Ownership Economy Revolution

Blockchain Helping to Reshape Agriculture

Featuring Jon Trask and Santiago Velez

Published on: September 13th, 2021 • Duration: 44 minutes

The majority of the Earth's farms are family owned. Jon Trask, CEO and founder of Dimitra, explains how he’s equipping farmers with blockchain tools to boost productivity and sustainability. Dimitra is the Greek goddess of agriculture, an apt name for a company attempting to revolutionize how small farmers grow their food. Leveraging satellite images, soil data, and machine learning, Dimitra is currently helping over 1 million farmers in countries like Uganda and India. Trask joins Santiago Valez, research and development at The Block Digital, to go over exciting developments at Dimitra and how they are utilizing the blockchain to facilitate a secure exchange of data among the world’s farmers. Trask also discusses Dimitra’s token, which launches this month! Filmed on September 8, 2021.