An Inside Look at the Big Money’s Bitcoin Trading

Published on
June 28th, 2019
50 minutes

An Inside Look at the Big Money’s Bitcoin Trading

The Interview ·
Featuring Michael Moro

Published on: June 28th, 2019 • Duration: 50 minutes

Michael Moro is the CEO of Genesis, one of the largest over-the-counter market-makers for bitcoin and altcoins. In this interview with Real Vision’s Justine Underhill, Moro takes us through the early days of starting a crypto trading platform, gives a behind-the-scenes look the major players borrowing bitcoin, and shares his insights on the future of institutional investment and regulation in the crypto space. Filmed June 14, 2019 in New York.



  • JP
    John P.
    23 July 2019 @ 22:11
  • NR
    Nelson R.
    1 July 2019 @ 00:47
    I hope next week brings back some serious content, Crypto Week made my RV subscription feel like an overpriced CNBC.
  • JM
    Jamie M.
    29 June 2019 @ 21:25
    So...for someone cautiously interested in becoming active in the crypto space - what’s the best resources to stay current with it and unbiased market news? I feel a lot of information on crypto has the potential to be biased either way. Thanks.
    • CH
      Crag H.
      30 June 2019 @ 18:40
      Twitter is really where all the crypto community is interacting. Start by following Tuur Demeester (who's also a contributor to RealVision) and then just take it from there.
  • Hv
    Hannah v.
    29 June 2019 @ 23:17
    Let’s make Crypto Week once a month. I’m finally able to get a handle on its nuances and appreciate Real Vision fleshing out pale beyond the Old Wall. KEEP CRYPTO COMING!!
  • RH
    Robert H.
    28 June 2019 @ 11:29
    Here's an actual serious question (I think). What happens in a few years when quantum computing allows everyone's key code to be broken?
    • JF
      Jonas F.
      28 June 2019 @ 14:25
      BTC is safer than Mastercard against quantum computing attacks.
    • JS
      Jason S.
      28 June 2019 @ 15:46
      Quantum computing will replace blockchain overnight one day.
    • DR
      David R.
      28 June 2019 @ 15:51
      In addition to building the world's fastest & best supercomputers, the Chinese have also already built the world's only commercially operational quantum computing network now (US is years behind in this technology just like years behind in genuine 5G networks). Asia leads globally in blockchain and is creating the next-gen blockchain, and the point is that they've already shown in real-world use how quantum neworking actually enhances security rather than undermining it. So no worries there.
    • DR
      David R.
      28 June 2019 @ 16:16
      Blockchain is too slow but quantum computing networks is a game changer in that and the next gen of blockchain is coming.
    • JS
      Jason S.
      28 June 2019 @ 17:15
      Missed this convo with my question above. But seems like everyone is thinking the same thing. It also seems the best sector to buy from a long-term perspective is quantum computing. Would love to see something on real vision discussing the sector, perhaps even a deep dive and whether blockchain will even exist when quantum computing becomes mainstream.
    • JF
      Jonas F.
      28 June 2019 @ 17:49
      This problem is already debated and solved, this is blockchain guys :D not some governement or company
    • JA
      Jernej A.
      29 June 2019 @ 17:49
      Quantum computer is not a threat in itself. Software can be updated and changed and adapt to quantum resistant algorithms. Note also that a Quantum computer would break Internet's infrastructure, which would be a much much bigger global concern.
    • AP
      Anthony P.
      29 June 2019 @ 21:50
      exactly my view as well. QC can break SHA-256, and i am dubious of the claim that btc can be updated to negate that fact.
  • JS
    Jason S.
    28 June 2019 @ 17:11
    Quick question - has anyone on cyrpto week discussed the looming threat of quantum computing cracking the blockchain network? Would love to hear an experts opinion on this topic. Seems like all these crytobulls interviewed overlook this topic, which is by far the largest threat. There are so many issues with cypto, I don't know where to start. It's clear to me that everyone in the cyrptospace could become undone with the emergence of quantum computing over the next five years. Blockchain to me seems like the MSdos before the internet (quantum computing). Here's a small analysis worth reading:
    • RK
      Robert K.
      28 June 2019 @ 17:37
      The moment quantum computing would be able to crack SHA-256 the owner of that "computer" would be able to start emptying all the wallets with known public keys (maybe half of existing BTCs are sitting in such wallets). The concept of blockchain itself should in principle survive.
    • JS
      Jason S.
      28 June 2019 @ 17:42
      Interesting thanks. How far away do you think we are from this moment? Also, can you please elaborate on the use of block chain when quantum computing is around? (i.e. Why would it survive?)
    • JF
      Jonas F.
      28 June 2019 @ 17:53
      Problem already solved, a fork is on the way and gonna be done way before this happen. As i said before, quantum computing have more chance to break banks than Bitcoin. Your credit card is crypted in RSA, next to nothing to crack with quantum computing, so you should worry more about that.
    • LP
      Lyle P.
      28 June 2019 @ 18:16
      This is not a legitimate threat. There is no evidence QC (capable of breaking sha256) will be a threat any time soon. In addition, there is plenty of time to upgrade the Bitcoin protocol if needed (and there is already work being done). Also, any QC that could break sha256 would also be able to break security on the internet, banking, government, basically everything. Are you short everything right now due to possible quantum computers?
    • JA
      Jernej A.
      29 June 2019 @ 17:47
      A quantum computer would indeed have an impact to cryptography. There are two points to this though 1. Since Bitcoin is software, the project would update to Quantum safe cryptography. While it would most likely be a messy event to organize such fork, its totally doable. 2. Breaking cryptography would have an even bigger impact on our social structures (banking, internet, national security) as basically all communications channels (including the presidential phone, https protocol, website security) rely heavily on such cryptography. The issue with Bitcoin's security would be a drop in a bucket compared to all the mess associated with a Quantum breakthrough.
  • RK
    Robert K.
    28 June 2019 @ 17:24
    Dude is running a casino but feels he is in finance. When will crypto-week end?
    • DR
      David R.
      28 June 2019 @ 19:29
      lol, the US stawk market is actually the casino. A crooked casino.
    • JF
      John F.
      29 June 2019 @ 16:08
      Both are true.
  • IC
    Ibrahim C.
    29 June 2019 @ 02:46
    After watching this intensive crypto pack of RV two weeks, my mind is boggling with the question that if the current sentiment of Bitcoin looks like melt-up period? I have never heard anything negative from all of the people interviewed here and all of them agree on one thing that Bitcoin or Altcoins’ prices will rise, they expand their market share and broaden their business transactional operations? Then i do not think that the next rate decision of FED would be so important? Why it would be? We have now a new game changer-cryptos! People at the end might lose their vision if the next prospect of speculation would conquer their line of sight! I see one vision from all of the interviewees and that the Crypto is the definitive future and forget the rest! l would like to hear about your views about the future of Bitcoin? I am not anti-crypto guy but in the case of another burst of crypto bubble, the number of people supporting these cryptos will again be at the begging side of the USD. Thanks
  • DF
    David F.
    28 June 2019 @ 19:20
    Interesting interview. Regarding his arguments about the complexity of arbitraging and the AAPL example... dude, you can buy AAPL in more than 10 exchanges around the world and not even just in USD. And on the arbitrage thing, perceived differences in counterparty risk from different exchanges surely a good reason too.
  • ml
    m l.
    28 June 2019 @ 10:47
    Never ending crypto week, feels like CNBC
    • EW
      Evan W.
      28 June 2019 @ 14:03
      Once it ends I can start watching real vision content again...
    • DR
      David R.
      28 June 2019 @ 15:43
      Have you ever looked at US stawks priced in various crypto?!!
    • RK
      Robert K.
      28 June 2019 @ 17:38
      Yes, lot's of pumpin'
  • RE
    Richard E. | Contributor
    28 June 2019 @ 16:38
    Well done as usual Justine. Michael was terrific and really presented a balanced view of the strengths and weaknesses in the crypto space.
  • MC
    Michael C.
    28 June 2019 @ 15:15
    Great interview! Please keep the crypt content coming!
  • RH
    Robert H.
    28 June 2019 @ 11:18
    Where can I get my hands on some of this cryptocoin!!
  • SS
    Shanthi S.
    28 June 2019 @ 07:14
    Great interview. Love Justine.