Bitcoin Is Eating the World

Published on
July 28th, 2021
46 minutes

Bitcoin Is Eating the World

Real Vision Essential ·
Featuring Jack Mallers, Nic Carter, and Peter McCormack

Published on: July 28th, 2021 • Duration: 46 minutes

In this timely and in-depth discussion brought to viewers by this year's Crypto Gathering event, Peter McCormack, host of What Bitcoin Did, welcomes Nic Carter, partner of Castle Island Ventures, and Jack Mallers, founder and CEO of Strike, to dive into the macro framework for Bitcoin's adoption and shortcomings of its energy critiques. Carter and Mallers both believe that Bitcoin's global and inclusive qualities make it the most effective monetary network for conducting international business. Combined with weakening sovereign currencies, Bitcoin is poised to provide stability and convenience for cash finality without credit risk. Furthermore, the trio argues that the traditional and outdated banking system was already facing scrutiny for problems that Bitcoin can solve. Filmed during the Crypto Gathering 2021.