Interview with Dr. Thomas Hoenig, FDIC Vice-Chairman

Published on
October 12th, 2015
64 minutes

Interview with Dr. Thomas Hoenig, FDIC Vice-Chairman

The Interview ·
Featuring Dr. Thomas Hoenig

Published on: October 12th, 2015 • Duration: 64 minutes

Tom Hoenig, Vice Chair of the FDIC, joins Dr. Pippa Malmgren for an eye-opening conversation centered around the workings of the Federal Reserve. Under discussion are how to reconcile market intervention to the business cycle, putting trust in trends rather than momentary data points, and addressing the burning question: is the U.S. still a free market, or has it morphed into a government-sponsored economy?


  • JF
    Jennifer F.
    26 January 2019 @ 23:22
  • ME
    Mary E.
    13 May 2016 @ 20:02
    Why didn't Pippa discuss Hoenig's 2011 paper about restructuring the banks? It was a very important paper and his omission of its content and her oversight resulted in a very unfulfilling interview--
  • RA
    Ricardo A.
    7 December 2015 @ 18:47
    Very impressed with Pippa. She doesn't hold herself back, asking all the tough questions .. in a charming way.
  • RO
    Robert O.
    5 November 2015 @ 17:03
    We survived the S&L crisis without saving the "banks". Now the banks are too big to fail? Everything can fail. What do we sacrifice next time when the Ph.D standard = true value of fiat currency.
  • LS
    Lorenz S.
    25 October 2015 @ 10:47
    A great interview.
  • SJ
    Suzanne J.
    23 October 2015 @ 04:49
    Reading 'Panic On Wall Street' Robert Sobel. First chapter "William Duer and the Panic of 1792" reason - bank securities speculation. I am gobsmacked! Great interview, Pippa - you nail every question.
  • JH
    John H.
    20 October 2015 @ 10:29
    He may well be a sweet talker, but I don't believe he is genuine. Like the rest of his central-bank ilk he says one thing, and does something else.
  • SB
    Stewart B.
    19 October 2015 @ 12:01
    Another great interview Pippa. A recurring theme seems to be our government(s) and central bank(s) short term thinking, homogenous thinking and hubris.
  • PV
    Peter V.
    18 October 2015 @ 08:06
    Outstanding interview If only the politicians would listen !
  • RA
    Robert A.
    17 October 2015 @ 21:33
    I love being in Pippa's Parlour". Thanks RV.
  • SS
    Stewart S.
    17 October 2015 @ 20:37
    An excellent lesson in how the world should work & enough to be worried about how the system in all screwed up
  • LV
    Luís V.
    16 October 2015 @ 21:11
    And loved the pearl: "we have been training the market on 0% for too long..." This is an image to a CB bureaucrat mind. Chilling. Phd standard at its best - h/t to James Grant. (2/2)
  • LV
    Luís V.
    16 October 2015 @ 21:06
    Difficult job Pippa, I believe. Too much thinking on words to say from Thomas, not to harm the Narrative of Central Banks success. Re market & choice in econ - does he know Mises´ Human Action? 1/2
  • DA
    David A.
    16 October 2015 @ 13:16
    Wonderful interview. Dr. Hoenig is one of the few adults in Washington.
  • SP
    Steve P.
    16 October 2015 @ 05:08
    Brilliant questioning Pippa - superb intrerview. The icing - central planning discussion of how a democracy ends up with a more cenralised planning system than that of Russia at its zenith. Hhmm!!
  • pm
    preston m.
    16 October 2015 @ 03:29
    Excellent interview and certainly not what I was expecting. I appreciate Mr. Hoenigs honesty.
  • SC
    Shaun C.
    15 October 2015 @ 19:10
    How hard is this? Reinstate Glass Steagall. Bonus via Coco bonds. No more zero risk weighting. Pay US Tsy for liquidity support as they are GSEs. What can get fixed with Dimon on NY Fed board?
  • MB
    Martin B.
    15 October 2015 @ 08:51
    Why not ask him to explain the FED being owned by private banks and their criminal agenda to manipulate markets in the best interests of it's shareholders? Research 'The Creature from Jekyll Isle'.
  • JS
    James S.
    15 October 2015 @ 08:46
    Amazing and startling, thought provoking candor from a person that high up in the government eschelons is not easy to coax out. Brava, Dr M!!
  • WB
    William B.
    15 October 2015 @ 03:43
    Great interview and discussion!!
  • CD
    Charles D.
    15 October 2015 @ 02:19
    Previously I watched Pippa interview Dr Alan Meltzer...Now this one...Her informed questions...and soft demeanor...brought forth the candid answers we need to hear....Bravo...Thank you.
  • JS
    John S.
    14 October 2015 @ 16:20
    Pippa, Great discussion. I applaud the openness of you both. I would love to comment, but the comment section is to short for a complete thought.
  • TP
    Ting P.
    14 October 2015 @ 11:21
    We don't have a gold standard anymore. We have an academic standard. :)
  • AP
    A P.
    14 October 2015 @ 07:12
    Sobering questions; remarkably thoughtful answers.
  • sa
    santosh a.
    14 October 2015 @ 06:53
    This interview confirms that we are f**d as a society until we have a massive crisis of confidence. We are surely moving deeper into the quagmire of central planning over the medium term. Weimar next?
  • EA
    Ellen A.
    14 October 2015 @ 00:19
    "It's your money at risk"..great quote. Now along those lines...let's see a segment on possible future bail-ins & NIRP. Does the FDIC have what it will take? Where do we put our cash?
  • PR
    Peter R.
    13 October 2015 @ 22:12
    The last 20 minutes of this interview is outstanding. Brilliant questions and some honest and frightening answers. So much to take away from this. Thanks Pippa.
  • DH
    Dale H.
    13 October 2015 @ 20:17
    Bravo Pippa grt qu/s. The bank creditors: Depositors also? Re G20 Brisbane. Also Larry Summers + many others WANT cashless society & NIRP too, More on these we'd be good. Wide ranging + thoughtful :)
  • SS
    Sam S.
    13 October 2015 @ 18:53
    With all due respect, listening to the same things we already know. How about enforcement, rule of law and most importantly creating a way to stop the madness? America has lost its way.
  • db
    don b.
    13 October 2015 @ 18:41
    We could just admit that the fiat central planning regime has failed. Wealth gap, real unemployment, exploding debt, collusion between banks, Fed & government. Massive bank crime, deep capture etc.
  • RF
    Richard F.
    13 October 2015 @ 18:08
    Great job Pippa. The one question i wanted you to ask about are the "bail-in" provisions in Dodd-Frank. Since he is with the FDIC how is he going to protect the savers from loosing his deposit.
  • TH
    Timo H.
    13 October 2015 @ 17:32
    Pippa, I think you just set a new benchmark in financial journalism!
  • GT
    Graham T.
    13 October 2015 @ 15:35
    Best interview ever. Only problems are inflation, Soviet-style command economy, potential social conflict and TBTF. Thanks Janet
  • EL
    Elizabeth L.
    13 October 2015 @ 15:10
    Intensely informative discussion. I will watch this interview many more times. Great job Thomas and Pippa.