Uranium: The Catalyst in the Clean Energy Movement

Published on
November 1st, 2021
50 minutes

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Uranium: The Catalyst in the Clean Energy Movement

The Larry McDonald Series ·
Featuring John Ciampaglia and Larry McDonald

Published on: November 1st, 2021 • Duration: 50 minutes

The market for uranium is exploding, and the transition toward clean energy may depend on it. John Ciampaglia, CEO of Sprott Asset Management, chats with New York Times' best selling author and founder of The Bear Traps Report Larry McDonald, laying out a compelling thesis on why uranium is a vital component for the energy needs of the world. Governments are moving fast to switch to clean energy solutions, but the world's largest economies are still heavily dependent on coal. Many investors have entered the uranium market with keen eyes turned toward its decades-long use cases in nuclear energy as an alternative to coal and natural gas. Despite supply-side difficulties with uranium mining, Ciampaglia explains how a growing uranium market can give mines the resources they need to increase mining operations and power the planet. Recorded on October 27th, 2021.