Bonds: The Fed & Trade Wars

Published on
September 18th, 2019
9 minutes

Bonds: The Fed & Trade Wars

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Featuring Komal Sri-Kumar

Published on: September 18th, 2019 • Duration: 9 minutes

Komal Sri-Kumar, president of Sri-Kumar Global Strategies, updates his home-run trade on Treasuries and reviews his current outlook for recession. In this interview with Jake Merl, Sri highlights the upcoming FOMC meeting, discusses why the trade war is the main driver for the bond market, and notes his expectations for the 10-year Treasury yield. Filmed on September 17, 2019. Learn more about Macro Insiders here:



  • AL
    Alfonso L.
    19 September 2019 @ 13:50
    These ads at the end of the presentation are ... frustrating. I'm not a believer on that 1% yield call, but what do I know -- I just see the price of everything other than my cell phone bill going up at about 4% a year, and think -- somewhere in the future that is going to get into interest rates.
    • AJ
      Andy J.
      20 September 2019 @ 14:49
      I don't mind them as much as the (high) audio leveling. They tend to be quite a bit louder that the base piece.
  • AR
    Abishek R.
    19 September 2019 @ 08:57
    My word. Sri is just brilliant. Warrants a long form interview with Raoul or Grant. Bring it on soon..
  • CW
    CC W.
    19 September 2019 @ 05:30
    Good interview. This guy nailed it.
  • TS
    Taranvir S.
    18 September 2019 @ 12:32
    Time to think more about inflation instead of just the trade war maybe?
  • JK
    Jay K.
    18 September 2019 @ 11:09
    If the Fed increases their probability forecast of a recession that would spook EVERYONE.
  • DS
    David S.
    18 September 2019 @ 10:25
    Always a pleasure. Difficult world to predict. Thanks for explaining the possibilities. DLS
  • JC
    John C.
    18 September 2019 @ 09:27
    Nice summary view. Buy bonds wear diamonds :))
  • DS
    David S.
    18 September 2019 @ 08:49
    Always a pleasure. DLS