Four Sector Plays for a Choppy Market

Published on
May 10th, 2019
17 minutes

Four Sector Plays for a Choppy Market

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Featuring Art Hogan

Published on: May 10th, 2019 • Duration: 17 minutes

Art Hogan, chief market strategist at National Securities, returns to Real Vision to update his spot-on call for the S&P 500 from earlier this year. In this interview with Justine Underhill, he sifts through the recent trade war headlines, and recommends two unloved sectors with relative upside potential: Financials and Energy. On the flip side, he likes betting against two high-flying sectors of the market: Utilities and Staples. Filmed on May 9, 2019.



  • IB
    Ian B.
    17 May 2019 @ 22:29
    The trade negotiations will not end until after 2020 election. Trump needs tariffs to pay bills. Soon items will say Made in Russia.
  • DS
    David S.
    13 May 2019 @ 20:39
    Good to see Mr. Hogan updating his market predictions as things are always changing. Thanks. The administration continues to chum the global waters by keep the news cycle and market attention directed overseas – classic move. The tax cuts did improve corporate profits last year, but the revenue lost to the government cannot be made up with tariff revenue. Tariffs are a direct P&L charge to corporations, some of which will be able to pass through to the consumer. State and local government tax increase have more than offset the federal tax cuts. Even if I were young, I would not have a 70% equity allocation unless I had a really good crystal ball. DLS
  • TT
    Trenton T.
    13 May 2019 @ 02:21
    That was a complete waste of my time. Regurgitating headlines and trite firgures of speech is in no way "market strategy".
  • sk
    sai k.
    10 May 2019 @ 18:19
    I am sorry to say that the quality of content has taken a down hill in the recent times.. Real vision is more focused on upselling the other services.