Short Opportunity in Vipshop

Published on
July 26th, 2017
4 minutes

Short Opportunity in Vipshop

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Featuring Anne Stevenson-Yang

Published on: July 26th, 2017 • Duration: 4 minutes

Anne Stevenson-Yang, Research Director at J Capital Research, has a true insider’s perspective of China and in this trade idea, she outlines a short opportunity for investors in the online retail sector.


  • GF
    George F.
    13 March 2018 @ 17:10
    It would be interesting to get her reaction to the recent run up.
    • AM
      Andrew M.
      30 August 2018 @ 15:47
      and epic run down now
  • md
    mike d.
    12 November 2017 @ 19:22
    Please bring ann back , Nicely done 3 minutes, to the point. I made 30% and took it off the table.
  • er
    esteban r.
    20 August 2017 @ 19:43
    Weekly support broken! She says this thing is a Zero? holly!
  • JH
    Jonathan H.
    10 August 2017 @ 18:13
    On the technical side. The daily chart looks to be breaking out to the bottom of a wedge that has been forming since 7/19, if it can hold below 11.66 until the close it may ignite a move back to 10. My stop will be close to 12
  • DR
    Daniel R.
    1 August 2017 @ 05:42
    thanks Anne. Please come on RV more often, you are wonderfully refreshing and acerbic. RV keep 'em comin'. Enjoyed the interview quite a bit.
  • je
    james e.
    29 July 2017 @ 01:54
    what is the best means for shorting? Would appreciate one more step in the thesis ... how to actually put on the short.
  • BO
    Barbaros O.
    28 July 2017 @ 19:24
    Anne, It would be great if you can share your research on VIPS as Jefferies and another handful of Analysts disagree.
  • AS
    Amit S.
    27 July 2017 @ 12:52
    To sum it up - VIPSHOP is the Alibaba of flash sale websites
  • GF
    George F.
    26 July 2017 @ 18:10
    First hit on google news is from today on Barron's. Vipshop: It's Time to Buy; Threat from Alibaba, Is Low
    • JH
      Jonathan H.
      27 July 2017 @ 02:40
      I just saw that, was going to post it... beat me to it
    • DJ
      D J.
      27 July 2017 @ 11:06
      Saw it too -
  • JV
    Justin V.
    26 July 2017 @ 22:42
    Question is, is J Capital putting on fresh shorts at the current $12 price? I'm no chartist, but looking at the Weekly chart with Stochastics, since January 2016 there has been 4 times that VIPS has been oversold down to 20 on Stoch. Each time it has rallied back up to around $15. Happy to join your short Anne, but I'll just wait to see if it picks back up to the $14.50 area. I'm grateful for the trade idea, so thank you very much.
    • JV
      Justin V.
      26 July 2017 @ 22:58
      (This is the 4th time down to Stoch 20. I should've said 3 times before it has rallied up to around $15). Also, Higher High already established since last weekly high 23 June. So looks like a small rally is coming.
  • RM
    Russell M.
    26 July 2017 @ 22:30
    Concise, pithy, pointed. Invite her back again.
  • SC
    Sajad C.
    26 July 2017 @ 20:00
    Dialectic Capital shorted this from 30 using options from 2014. Two reports came out in 2015 re this stock. One from J Capital i think. Two accounting systems used, Chinese and US.
  • JC
    Jordan C.
    26 July 2017 @ 12:47
    Estimation of Time horzion?
    • JH
      Jonathan H.
      26 July 2017 @ 18:19
      I don't think you really need it on this one. Look for a good entry and ride it down.
    • MD
      Matt D.
      26 July 2017 @ 18:26
      I'm wondering time horizon for choosing option expiration.
  • DJ
    D J.
    26 July 2017 @ 13:32
    What else is new
  • MS
    Matt S.
    26 July 2017 @ 10:48
    But what does she "really" think about the company? ;)