Episode One -Travels – The MENA Tech Landscape

Published on
January 31st, 2017
69 minutes

Episode One -Travels – The MENA Tech Landscape

Travels with Jawad ·
Featuring Jawad Mian, Zafer Younis, Mudassir Sheikha

Published on: January 31st, 2017 • Duration: 69 minutes

Real Vision embarks on a brand new series as ‘Travels with Jawad’ takes you around the globe on the path less travelled, to uncover some of the world’s most exhilarating investment opportunities. Journey to a new destination each month, starting with Episode One in Dubai, as Jawad explores the MENA tech landscape, with the help of some of the region’s leading business figures. Filmed on January 5, 2017 in Dubai


  • EK
    Emil K.
    16 February 2017 @ 16:16
    Just wanted to make sure RV knows they have support from people to keep experimenting, keep trying new formats and keep it up. Excellent. Good. More. Thank you to Jawad for taking on this project and sharing it with us. He's blazing a path for others like him to go on similar journeys on topics of interest to them. Great. If Bloomberg or CNBC or SKY did a show about MENA would I watch it? No. But RVTV did it, so I will watch it. If RVTV thinks it's worthwhile then I should too.
  • JD
    Jonathan D.
    13 February 2017 @ 11:02
    Yes Josh D, how is it they didn't mention Israel I wonder?
  • JD
    Jonathan D.
    12 February 2017 @ 15:40
    Mildly interesting look at tech start ups and visions of ME. Disingenuous in that there was no mention of the massively entrepreneurial and democratic Israel or the socialism/fascism that is rife as problems of entrepreneurs in thye region. Talk about panglossian commentaries.
  • GM
    Greg M.
    7 February 2017 @ 16:52
    I loved the new format as well. Looking forward to more in-depth interviews by Jawad. This video goes to show you the importance of entrepreneurship and capital accumulation in order to grow an economy.
  • Js
    Johns s.
    5 February 2017 @ 14:25
  • DS
    David S.
    4 February 2017 @ 03:05
    Excellent new format and I really enjoyed the interviews. Best of luck to each one. Re: Boris H. - Your points are well taken. If you are thinking of open a new start-up operation in this area you may be able to hire Jawad. As a consultant he can answer your questions at a much deeper level. Best of luck to you too.
  • TQ
    Tom Q.
    3 February 2017 @ 16:20
    @Boris, thanks for your feedback on the series – we really appreciate viewer input and we’re always trying to improve our content, evaluating and tweaking new series. We’re going to put even more focus on investing opportunities and in-depth conversation topics in coming episodes, and it will only get better with time. Thanks for watching. — The Real Vision Team
  • SC
    Sajad C.
    2 February 2017 @ 23:30
    Fantastic addition!! Real Vision opening up a whole new perspective for viewers and identifying ideas being developed in a region which has population growth and is commonly ignored. Thank you. Jawad
  • CS
    Chris S.
    2 February 2017 @ 20:41
    Very impressive insights. It's a shame that smart people experience hostility in other parts of the world, just because of their origin. Beside the human tragedy, restricting intellectual capital is not wise economically either.
  • RM
    Richard M.
    2 February 2017 @ 17:51
    Wow, fascinating! As an American I sometimes feel we have blinders on regarding the rest of the world (and view "all of them" as foreign). Yet listening to these entrepreneurs from MENA it shows you we are all very much alike! Really appreciate the eye opening experience Jawad - many thanks!
  • BH
    Boris H.
    2 February 2017 @ 16:32
    I love the new series and experimentation. However, I found both interviews to be at a very entry and general level, which you could easily also read in a press release. With the opportunity to meet such interesting people, I would like to suggest to the RV team and Jawad Mian several improvement points in order to increase the quality of these conversations and bring them to the level of the other interviews. Especially in the second interview, these are 45 mins with the Uber of the Middle East and, yet, the name Uber has not been mentioned once.. All relevant questions around the global competition, the landscape for connected services, the AI element, the business model and profitability etc could have made this much more interesting and unique (which is what we all want). I appreciate that Jawad does not come from the tech world and needs to do catch up reading, but maybe someone with experience can help him prepare the topics for these interviews? Surely, many people would love to help out. Related to that and playing to Jawad's strengths, the intersection of macro and tech/startups is a very interesting topic that very few people talk about. I come from both the tech/startup and general investment world and constantly see how one side does not pay attention to the other. Very few do (e.g. Chamath Palihapitiya from Social Capital - would be a great guest by the way). Jawad could have brought his experience understanding the labor and economic trends, FX and public markets into the conversation and to give color on the macro effects on these emerging large businesses who don't typically have in-house expertise on these topics. All in all, thumbs up for the start.
  • gb
    gabriel b.
    2 February 2017 @ 08:44
    Really like the concept for the new series. Looking forward to more episodes.
  • JD
    Josh D.
    2 February 2017 @ 03:20
    Jawad is great. Always provides a different and thoughtful perspective. But how can you do a show on start-ups in MENA and not mention the start-up capital and tech capital of the region - israel? In
  • GS
    Greg S.
    2 February 2017 @ 02:43
    In response to Steve R., you have to start somewhere. As life gets more complicated in these DCs there will be more opportunities for entrepreneurs to start businesses that solve people's problems in dealing with the new complexities.
  • MA
    Melanie A.
    2 February 2017 @ 01:48
    Love the new series (and always love seeing Dubai having spent time there)!
  • GH
    Gregory H.
    1 February 2017 @ 23:31
    Like the new show concepts... Keep trying new formats!
  • EL
    Elizabeth L.
    1 February 2017 @ 19:39
    Welcome back Jawad Man. I find your financial/economic travelog a brilliant idea. For me what you have offered is educational on so many levels. I love that you take us on a tour of the culture and environment as well. This piece was beautifully done. Thank you.
  • JA
    Johan A.
    1 February 2017 @ 16:00
    Wow! Love it! Been to Dubai many times. Nice to get more insights!
  • as
    andrew s.
    1 February 2017 @ 15:56
  • MS
    Mark S.
    1 February 2017 @ 15:20
    Someone please explain to me why the US wants to close its borders to people from these countries? Sad!
  • TQ
    Tom Q.
    1 February 2017 @ 13:28
    This was an incredible new series! Can't wait to see more.
  • AM
    Alexander M.
    1 February 2017 @ 07:44
    eye opening
  • TS
    Tim S.
    1 February 2017 @ 06:25
    There may be a reverse brain drain from SV back into Asia, India, and the Middle East due to potential changes to H1B visas. Would be a shame as these are some of the best and brightest people working in SV who were hoping to live the former American Dream. Our loss may be their local gain allowing for more innovation and growth.
  • TS
    Tim S.
    1 February 2017 @ 06:17
    Enjoyable interview and the stories are interesting. Insight into challenges from a different viewpoint. Hope the entrepreneurs do well and invent a different identity than the SV trite model full of buzzword bingo. The difficulty within their current environment will help them be stronger for the long term as they cut their teeth..
  • KO
    Kieran O.
    1 February 2017 @ 04:11
    A great start to a promising new series. I love Jawad's perspective and look forward to the journey he will take us on each month.
  • SR
    Steve R.
    1 February 2017 @ 02:03
    Very interesting - like the new documentary-style format! On the topic of car-sharing businesses - all they really are is glorified taxi services that create large numbers of very low paid jobs, just like Uber and Lyft. Yes, they can move into other forms of mobility like parcels etc (like Amazon), but the one thing they all have in common is they all create low paid jobs. Only the creators get the real spoils from businesses like this. Surely, what is needed are entrepreneurs that create businesses much further up the value chain and create real well-paid jobs? Just my personal opinion.
  • JH
    Jacqueline H.
    1 February 2017 @ 00:56
    A great, great piece. Thank you so much for conceiving this series and bringing it to life. Looking forward to more!