This is the Market’s Next Big Catalyst

Published on
June 29th, 2022
9 minutes

This is the Market’s Next Big Catalyst

Triple Play ·
Featuring Peter Boockvar, Eric Johnston, Mikael Sarwe and Andreas Steno Larsen

Published on: June 29th, 2022 • Duration: 9 minutes

Quarterly reporting season is just around the corner, and consensus per-share expectations for the S&P 500 are at the highest level of the year. With inflation beginning to impact consumer behavior and squeeze profit margins, should we prepare for a wave of adjustments to sales and earnings guidance? In this Triple Play, one professional investor explains why current estimates are in “la la land,” while another says large downward revisions could trigger the next brutal sell-off on Wall Street. Watch the full interviews with Peter Boockvar, Eric Johnston, and Mikael Sarwe