The Austrian Perspective on Recoveries, Bubbles, and Monetary Policy

For decades, the schools of economic thought that have informed monetary and fiscal policy decisions have been decidedly not Austrian; but, outside of the echo chambers of Washington D.C., Austrian School economics is in a boom as academics and civilians alike see the predictions and promises of the mainstream fall short. Guided by his Austrian views, Robert P. Murphy, senior fellow at the Mises Institute, has been astute with many of his predictions of the side effects of mainstream economic policies. Together with Real Vision’s Ed Harrison, Murphy reintroduces the core of Austrian economics and compares and contrasts with other major economic schools of thought in relation to how each try to make sense of past and recent economic developments and the responses to them. He also attempts to answer the question of whether the Fed’s monetary bazooka has ushered in a swift end to the recent business cycle and set us on course for another underwhelming economic expansion. Filmed on July 14, 2020.

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