The Bond Whisperer - Live with Komal Sri-Kumar

If there is such a thing as a hierarchical structure within capital markets, then it could be argued that the bond market lives at the top of it. More often than not, it is capable of seeing events long before anyone else, but more importantly, it can warn participants of impending doom or prosperity using yield as its main form of communication. The issue? Equity markets have a tendency to distort reality, so the signals of the wise bond market often fall on deaf ears. For example, why is it that equities are rocketing while the surge that participants expected in 10 year UST yields has yet to materialize? Similarly, why is the DXY beginning to show signs of life in the midst of real yields being in negative territory? To understand what these things mean for investors and the economy as a whole, we’ve invited Dr. Komal Sri-Kumar, president of Sri-Kumar Global Strategies, on this week’s segment of Real Vision Live. He’ll be sitting down with Ed Harrison to explore everything from the elusive V-shaped recovery to existing home sales and retail sales within the broader context of the almighty bond market. Chart Deck –

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