The Bullwhip Effect - Live with Lakshman Achuthan

They say that when things get tough, the tough get going. In economics, however, when things get tough, the tough start saving. This is so true, that just between February and March, the savings rate jumped 5%. Even with large swaths of the country reopening, there is serious concern about how consumers will behave moving forward in the absence of a vaccine or treatment along with the prospect of another wave of infections on the horizon. This begs the question, “how could shifts in consumer demand impact inflation and its elusive arrival?” To find clarity, we have invited Lakshman Achuthan, COO and co-founder of ECRI on this week’s Real Vision Live. He will delve into what the indicators are signaling and explore the intricacies of demand shocks on global recessions, inflation vs. deflation, and what he refers to as the bullwhip effect.

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