The Fundamentals of a Mine - Live with Adam Rozencwajg

When it comes to investing in the miners, there is one thing that we all know – They are volatile. And while volatility is part and parcel of the game, one must always question whether riding that volatility is actually worth it. Finding the answer to this question comes down to one thing: understating the fundamentals behind a good mine. What should you be looking for when conducting research on a mining company? How important is its geographical location? How about debt levels or CapEx? What exactly does a good balance sheet look like? These are the questions we are going to tackle in this segment of Real Vision Live with Adam Rozencwajg, managing partner of Geohring & Rozencwajg. He’ll be sitting down with Max Wiethe for an expedition into the mines to give viewers an in depth understanding of how one should go about safely investing in these assets.

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