The Future of Digital Communities: Social Tokens, Creator DAOs, and Web 3.0

Jarrod Dicker, writer, investor, and technologist at, joins Real Vision co-founder and CEO Raoul Pal to share his thoughts on how blockchain technology will transform digital communities as we know them. Dicker argues that digital wallets will serve as the passports of the new Web 3.0, which will empower creators as well as consumers of content to interact in new ways and create unique layers of value such as using social tokens to bypass paywalls and access subscription-based content. Dicker shares with Pal projects he is excited about such as Mirror, Rainbow, Etherscan, and Metamask, and he explains why he thinks projects such as these will serve as a new navigation path through all layers of the internet.

Key learnings: Dicker envisions what he calls “Web 3.0,” a world in which social tokens, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and “creator DAOs” (decentralized autonomous organizations) will create new layers of digital value that will allow audiences to interact with each other, creators, and the content itself in new ways.

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