The SPAC Boom Apex, Market Memes, and the Biggest Opportunities in Tech

Because of their favorable structure, SPACs have become the vehicle of choice for founders and venture capitalists to bring private startups to the public market—even with the explosion of SPACs in 2020, we are already on record setting pace in 2021. In this interview with Mike Green of Logica Capital, Josh Wolfe of Lux Capital breaks down exactly why the SPAC structure is so favorable and argues that the knock-on effect of an M&A boom will produce the modern equivalent of the AOL-Time Warner acquisition, signaling that the top is in. Wolfe and Green also discuss Wall Street Bets and the current meme driven market, Josh’s prediction of an “Occupy the Fed” movement, and the biggest opportunities in tech that he and Lux Capital are invested in. Filmed on January 28, 2021.

Key Learnings: SPACs have a favorable structure that makes raising cash so easy that it will encourage rampant M&A, which will eventually result in the mega-deal, signaling the top of the market. Crypto and Wall Street Bets are emblematic of outrage that Josh Wolfe believes will result in an “Occupy the Fed” movement and retroactive regulation. At the moment, Josh Wolfe and Lux Capital are focused on the technology behind scientific advancement and the emerging space economy as their big bets.

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