The Ultimate Vaccine Pairs Trade, Oil and Energy Sector Update, and New Equity Market Correlations for 2021 - Live with Warren Pies

Warren Pies is back to update viewers on his outlook for oil prices and energy sector equities in light of the massive bid they’ve caught since the news of COVID vaccines. As well, since launching his new service, 3 Fourteen Research, Warren Pies and his team have expanded their outlook beyond oil and energy markets and will also be discussing interesting new relationships forming in equity markets that should help investors think about portfolio construction in 2021. Combining these two outlooks, Pies will highlight the actionable takeaways for oil and energy sector equities and equity markets more broadly that have him eyeing long “COVID losers” and short oil as the ultimate vaccine pairs trade for 2021. Key Learnings: Viewers will come away with a clear and actionable understanding of what fundamentally drives oil prices, a list of single name equities that Pies likes in the energy sector and in equity markets more broadly, and a unique way to combine these outlooks to play the vaccine rally. To view Warren’s charts, click here:

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