The Vicissitudes of Markets - Live with Luke Gromen

In a world of dissenting views, contradictory ideas, and endless tergiversation both at the policy and market structure level, analysis takes on a life of its own. Increasingly, its rigor and intellectual depth must expand beyond traditional theories and thinking. In part, this is due to the unprecedented nature of the world we find ourselves in today, but more so, it is result of a looming tectonic shift in the macro, political and economic edifice that has been in place since World War II. That is, Bretton Woods and the subsequent decoupling from gold in the early 70s. Will this system survive? And, if not, what is to replace it? To this end, we’ve invited the Luke Gromen, founder and president of Forest for the Trees to join us on this segment of Real Vision Live. He’ll be sitting down with Ed Harrison for a journey into the U.S. dollar and the hegemonic role it has induced for the United States. Beyond this, they will try to uncover what the future holds for the currency and it’s global reserve status.

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