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Let’s Get Our Heads Around AI, Together

Over two weeks, from June 5 – 16, Real Vision hosted AI conversations you won’t find anywhere else.


Raoul Pal

Co-Founder & CEO, Real Vision
Founder & CEO, GMI

Peter H. Diamandis

Founder and Executive Chairman
XPRIZE Foundation

Mike Green

Portfolio Manager and Chief Strategist
Simplify Asset Management

Robert Kiyosaki

Investor, Entrepreneur, Author
The Rich Dad Company

Salim Ismail

Best-Selling Author
of Exponential Organizations

Bhuva Shakti

Global Ethics & Culture Officer and Regional Head of Americas
Women in AI

Isaiah Morales / Ai4plur

Data Scientist

Hari Krishnan

Head of Volatility Strategies
SCT Capital Management

Vasant Dhar, PhD

Founder, SCT Capital Management
Professor NYU Stern and Center for Data Science

Nardo Manaloto

Managing Partner
Qubits Ventures

Mikhail Voloshin

CEO and Principal Engineer
Mighty Data, Inc.

Maggie Lake

Managing Editor & Senior Host
Real Vision

Ash Bennington

Senior Host and Crypto Editor
Real Vision

And more...