Thinking Like a Capital Allocator

CIOs of institutions like endowments, pensions, family offices, and sovereign wealth funds are stewards of the world’s largest pools of capital, and their asset allocation decisions have huge impacts on markets and the managers chasing these allocations. In this interview with Jason Buck, CIO of Mutiny Fund, Ted Seides, host of “The Capital Allocators Podcast” and author of “Capital Allocators: How the World’s Elite Money Managers Lead and Invest”, shares the wisdom he has gained from working alongside legends like David Swenson and from interviewing hundreds of similarly influential allocators and the managers they invest with. Together, they discuss how these investors make decisions on both portfolio construction and manager selection, the best leadership qualities he has seen for both allocators and managers, and the tips and tricks he has learned for interviewing with these allocators, who can make or break an investing career. Filmed on May 4, 2021.

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