Zimbabwe: Opportunity & Risk in the Breadbasket of Africa

Featuring John Legat

Zimbabwe has just been shaken by the ouster of its longtime president, Robert Mugabe, who held power in the country for nearly forty years. Now, John Legat, CEO and Lead Fund Manager of Imara Asset Management, brings us the story of political unrest and economic opportunity from on the ground in its capital city, Harare.

Published on
26 February, 2018
Africa, FX, Politics, Geopolitics
25 minutes
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  • JC

    John C.

    19 3 2018 18:44

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    Very interesting video - learned a lot. I think you need these sort of '10.000 foot' overviews with a lot of history thrown in to get a real sense of what is percolating in these types of frontier nations.

    I guess my main question is 'why would anyone want to go back' given what happened in the past and will these people ever be able to trust the government again? Maybe so, not sure how they would get the right sort of incentives but could see it happening.

    Also, what is the Chinese involvement at this point and will Zimbabwe see more investment from China going forward along with a rapprochment with the West, particularly the UK?

    Finally, does Mr. Legat have any thoughts about South Africa getting sanctions anytime soon (as did Zimbabwe back in the day when Mugabe made his nationalist moves and kicked out the white farmers) and if so wouldn't this benefit Zimbabwe in some ways i.e. direct FDI towards the country potentially? And what are his thoughts on the political parties there now and are they full of Marxist/Communists like in South Africa with the ANC etc. or are there new parties that toe more of a business/capitalist line?

    It appears that Zimbabwe is at or near 'rock bottom' so the only way to go is up! If you can take the risk seems like a very interesting place to look at in the coming years. Thanks RV.

  • FV

    Fredrik V.

    28 2 2018 07:13

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    This is a true gem! Pls keep and expand Discoveries!

  • DD

    Daniel D.

    27 2 2018 22:07

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    I think this was a very good overview from both a historical perspective as well as the current landscape from someone with boots on the ground. Makes me want to learn more.

  • AF

    Andrew F.

    27 2 2018 13:48

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    Zim is still risky. Politics is still an issue, just like South Africa.
    African politics is just risky period. Also doen't say anything about Chinese involvement in the country.
    Also mining rights by law 51% of any company has to be owned by a local. Has that changed?

    The Zim exchange:

    Yes if you believe in the long term trade idea.

  • RM

    Russell M.

    27 2 2018 10:36

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    Choosing to have backround music was a poor production decision.

  • OE

    Olav E.

    27 2 2018 10:25

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    This vas good! Good overview of the history and potential in Zimbabwe. Hope to see more on Africa here later. I'm very interested in the potential in Africa, and happy that RV finally makes some videos on it.

    This fall I'm doing a trip through Africa (North to South) to learn and explore the potential there. If anyone is interested in following my trip and learn more about the continent, Please follow me at: www.thetourofafrica.com

  • KK

    Kevin K.

    27 2 2018 07:51

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    This was a tad high level for my liking. How about some more details re individual businesses and sectors of interest maybe sharing some of the work his fund has been doing? Seems more like a promotional video for the fund with very little added value for the rest.

  • CS

    C S.

    27 2 2018 07:27

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    Call me old fashioned, but regarding the intra-interview accompaniment, for music I go to iTunes, for financial discussions that aren't unnecessarily difficult to listen to, I go to RVTV.

    I hope Zimbabwe pulls things together. Africa needs more positive steps forward. More economic bulwarks against too frequent chaos. Stunning country by the way.

    I heard other African countries (besides South Africa, who looks about the repeat earlier Zimbabwean policies) were inviting white African farmers to come work in them. I wonder if Zimbabwe is one of them?

  • SS

    Steven S.

    27 2 2018 05:57

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    Fascinating. Wonderful historical commentary.

  • NS

    Nick S.

    27 2 2018 04:39

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    The former opposition leader mentioned as living in this video is actually quite deceased at the moment. Rest In Peace Mr. Tsvangirai.

  • WP

    William P.

    27 2 2018 04:02

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    It is interviews like this that make RVTV so unique. Wonderful insight into a very small slice of the world.

  • PD

    Peter D.

    27 2 2018 01:44

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    I was under the impression from MSM that the New Boss was shaping up to be just another hack. This provides a great contra opinion.

    Also really enjoyed the footage and the story by this dude on the ground.
    He seems a tad optimistic. But makes a great case for sniffing around.

  • fT

    forecast T.

    27 2 2018 00:46

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    Zimbabwe tourism would be very seasonal and consistent bubble

  • GM

    Greg M.

    26 2 2018 23:05

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    Ian Smith is smiling. Rhodesians never die.

  • EL

    E. L.

    26 2 2018 22:35

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    Very Informative!

  • SP

    Steve P.

    26 2 2018 21:26

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    An extremely interesting update to a country that has occupied global news channels for so many years for all the wrong reasons. As one country manages to escape the clutches of an all consuming dictatorship, another just announces measures that may usher in another dictatorship with possibly much more consequence for the world community - China.
    What an interesting world we live in when lessons of history are seldom learnt much to the detriment of millions of those unfortunate to live under autocratic/dictatorship rule as highlighted by this video.
    An exceptional video RV. Well done again!

  • PB

    Pieter B.

    26 2 2018 15:43

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    Great overview! Thanks a lot!

  • BD

    Bruce D.

    26 2 2018 13:36

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    Excellent discussion from boots on the ground, thank you! Please keep us abreast of the changes that are happening, as the next year will be important for the long term success. Are there any ways to invest through global public markets yet?