Creating Value in Commercial Real Estate – Ian Laming

Featuring Ian Laming

Having the expertise and vision to transform impaired or distressed property into buildings that produce the durable income streams craved by investors is one way to prosper in real estate. Drawing on his diverse finance background and success building up a private equity real estate business, Ian Laming provides an insider’s perspective to property that challenges common perceptions and isolates the pockets of value across Europe.

Published on
12 January, 2017
Housing Market, Fixed Investments, Investment Framework
42 minutes
Asset class
Bonds/Rates/Credit, Real Estate


  • Md

    Matthew d.

    3 6 2017 09:49

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    Really insightful conversation - many thanks!

  • DB

    Daniel B.

    5 2 2017 20:24

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    Interesting interview and the basis play is ever present in many different submarkets throughout the US and UK. Not many people are as bullish on the office markets as Ian is, but its refreshing to see his firm finding the opportunities in the marketplace. We focus on distressed infill multifamily investments in LA, the macroeconomic factors in our city scream an opportunity for secure CoC returns, but we don't see the same great opportunities in office, especially with the lack of credit tenants and the proliferation of co-working. Would like to hear Ian's opinions on the co-working phenomenon and their "shadow credit," does he see continued strength in office even with more virtual offices? Thanks RVTV for yet again an informative and entertaining piece. MORE OF THIS!

  • DV

    Dan V.

    22 1 2017 03:00

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    Great interview. Focused and practical. We are doing same for our family office - buying to reposition tenancy and extend duration.

  • DR

    Dan R.

    19 1 2017 02:59

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    Excellent Interview! Articulate and refined explanation of how to make it in Real Estate. Many people do the same thing on a small scale even in single family and become great success stories. My take away is stay away from the fancy stuff and don't pay too much.

  • DL

    Dan L.

    14 1 2017 05:26

    2       1

    Nice to see one that is not all doom and gloom. And, although he ignored much of the macro, the fact is - if you have quality tenants who can pay the rent, and if your debt costs are fixed, it doesn't matter if valuations fall temporarily because it is all about the cash flow. Banks have been much more disciplined since 2008 and the damage in this sector will probably not be as bad as last time (with the possible exception of retail - due to Amazon, etc.)

  • NT

    Norman T.

    13 1 2017 23:29

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    Great wisdom, but too small a niche to be helpful to most of us, who are not activist investors, just as it's hard for the small money to do what an Icahn might do.

  • LD

    Leonard D.

    13 1 2017 23:28

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    Great perspective. Love the difference in thought/outlook. Would love to see more.

  • KB

    Kirk B.

    13 1 2017 04:11

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    Spot on intervi
    ew re value added real estate investing. Would like to see more interviews re real estate investing & markets, including different investment approaches and different types of real estate.

  • DS

    David S.

    12 1 2017 20:56

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    Great interview. In business, government, sport, etc.; a pro is a pro because of a lot of hard work and a winning game. This interview helped me to understand real estate as a business much better. Thanks again. DLS

  • TB

    Tyler B.

    12 1 2017 19:17

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    Great interview! I would be interested to hear a detailed case study from cradle to grave on how they actually go about adding value and their process

  • TC

    Tim C.

    12 1 2017 18:24

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    Having worked in the principal real estate investment business for a large US investment bank, together with holding a 1st class honors degree in real estate investment I feel some of the comments made differ from my personal experience.