Interview with Dr. Tonya Hoffman

Featuring Dr. Tonya Hoffman

Tonya Hoffman, Founder & CEO of LeadingMinds, engages us in the neuroscience and psychology of investing, discussing the impact of emotions on trading performance, and suggests ways to augment your performance by recognizing and avoiding these emotional downturns.

Published on
23 January, 2016
Business Strategy, Career, Psychology
27 minutes


  • RA

    Robert A.

    27 7 2016 23:05

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    Seems like just wanting to spend some time and money to improve would be a good first step. I have always said that Hubris has ruined more good men than hard drugs or AIDS. Taking just one example, high level competitive golf, there is a point you reach sometimes when you are executing perfectly on harder and more difficult shots.....and then....the right play is a much less courageous more conservative shot.....which you don't take and rather try the low percentage shot that is right at your competency apex because your confidence and adrenal level are so high that you reach for something that you shouldn't have. I've been there. You are getting such an emotional high from being in your "peak" zone that you simply can't make the proper decision. Oh....and your Caddy can't help you either because at THOSE moments you won't listen to him/her because you feel SO GOOD you don't need ANY help whatsoever. Beware the Hubris.

  • AE

    Andrew E.

    14 2 2016 05:30

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    Intriguing but such high level that it's impossible to apply without more specific info. I intend to inquire if there's any material that's accessible to budget constrained non-C-Suite grunts.

  • EB


    27 1 2016 16:54

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    Almost everything is rigged today including Wimbledon tennis, Libor, Forex, MBS's, etc.
    Learned nothing here that wasn't in Harry Gottesfeld's textbook on Abnormal Psychology.

  • JA

    John A.

    26 1 2016 01:49

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    Psychology and position sizing are so critical. I love that RV is tackling all aspects of trading and investing. Just scratching the surface here, but looking forward to the next one.

  • SD

    Stephen D.

    25 1 2016 04:06

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    Frustrating interview, clearly Dr Hoffman knows a lot but didn't choose to give us anything I could really use beyond this somewhat tired sportsman comparison.
    Unlike the Brett Steenbarger interview.

  • BM

    Bill M.

    24 1 2016 18:21

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    I loved Grant dressing well and shaving for this interview!!

  • YM

    Yogesh M.

    23 1 2016 23:15

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    The iPhone moment.... can you imagine all those high-performing people licking their phones every hour?

  • JC

    Justin C.

    23 1 2016 21:03

    4       2

    sorry ....found it to be nothing more than a dull sales pitch....not interested

  • PW

    Phil W.

    22 1 2016 23:01

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    How do peeps deal with this when the CBs of this world keep moving the goal posts.......I got it adapt! trying to with these commods and US$ in bull trend.
    Having said that, great interview

  • JG

    Jay G.

    22 1 2016 19:48

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    That was a fascinating interview/discussion. I enjoyed it very much.

  • bn

    brent n.

    22 1 2016 19:37

    7       3

    A bit simplistic and obvious imo...

  • TJ

    Terry J.

    22 1 2016 18:27

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    Brilliant but scary being told what I guess most of us secretly fear that we are our own worst enemies. Having listened to Tanya i am in even more awe of the most successful traders.

  • CC

    Christopher C.

    22 1 2016 18:25

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    It seems Kenny was right. Never count your money. While you're sittin at the table. There'll be time enough for countin. When the dealings done.

  • GC

    Gary C.

    22 1 2016 18:11

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    Measuring cortisol levels on smartphone sounds interesting, can imagine a couple other hormones might get more attention; however could not get any solid useful information, ....sorry

  • RD

    Ryan D.

    22 1 2016 17:55

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    Great interviews. It would be awesome to have her back and hear some case studies. BTW Grant looked sharp. Diggin the cuff links.

  • DS

    DAVID S.

    22 1 2016 17:37

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    wow..packed with concrete!!
    Naming emotions-Mental Fitness
    Focus - Be as good as can be
    Get great and big at your A game
    confidence is being ready & clear : View-Prep-Process-react
    ooda loop :0)

  • SS

    Sam S.

    22 1 2016 16:20

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    Sweet Concise Interview-----Yes, bring her back for more. This is a gift to RV watchers.