William D. Cohan

Featuring William D. Cohan

William D. Cohan chronicled the financial crisis of 2008 with his novels Money and Power, and House of Cards. In this interview with the financier-turned-journalist, Cohan speaks to Real Vision about his transition from Wall Street, telling the story of Bear Stearns, and the tough-but-fair approach to documenting the decline.

Published on
4 December, 2014
Financial System
38 minutes


  • KS

    Kashyap S.

    6 1 2015 14:17

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    Goldman Sachs et al. positioned between savers and borrowers? These parasites are sucking off the Fed's teat and causing massive capital misallocation. US has no savings, it's all debt in phony money.

  • BW

    Bruce W.

    4 1 2015 13:31

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  • sp

    shashwat p.

    29 12 2014 03:33

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    I call bullshit on this. The key questions is would Goldman have survived the bankruptcy of AIG. The answer is clearly no. All the upside and none of the downside is not fair in any sense of the word

  • GG

    Guillermo G.

    5 12 2014 16:59

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    Clear and real. Got to explain the job problem situation in a nutshell and why it is going to take long to fix. People (young and adult) need to harvest and perfect an hability asap ito survive now.