John D. White – Le Club B

Featuring John D. White

John D White, MD fund advisor for Kirchner Group, shares his insights on the current energy sector and how diverse technologies have led to less market vulnerability.

Published on
11 August, 2016
Micro, Energy Commodities
27 minutes
Asset class
Equities, Commodities


  • Sv

    Sid v.

    27 8 2016 21:26

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    what he told us is that US Shale has an effective cap on the price of oil and gas for a generation! big change from 10 years ago

  • JW

    J W.

    24 8 2016 22:05

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    Best of the group B interviews. Would have liked his macro view a bit more.

  • RA

    Robert A.

    16 8 2016 23:17

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    Wow, what a brilliant simple thought; take the intellectual property created by the faculty and monetize it! The next filip, IMO, is to bring in the MBA students and turn them loose in collaboration to market and monetize the IP......with perhaps a set off on THEIR tuition from the profits thereby derived. With endowment returns shrinking here are valuable investments that can be mined. Simple, but brilliant and something I had never thought of.

  • GG

    Guillaume G.

    14 8 2016 21:10

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    I really don't understand why there is so many dislikes. Great Interview and thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

  • FS

    Fred S.

    13 8 2016 19:33

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    Saw all the negative comments, so knew this had to be good. I wasn't disappointed! Loved it.

  • CH

    Calvin H.

    12 8 2016 21:17

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    Wheww Rough crowd today. Last 10 min was strongest. Would have liked to hear a few minutes about the group.

  • PU

    Peter U.

    12 8 2016 12:25

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    Not much use from this interview. Common knowledge (re) delivered nicely.

  • RA

    Ricardo A.

    11 8 2016 19:44

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    Good content but not a good communicator, nor engaging. Not even at 2x speed

  • EL

    Elizabeth L.

    11 8 2016 17:33

    5       1

    A lot of useful information and insights shared by MR White. Changes in where family money is going, the oil reserves the US has at it's technical fingertips, what happened at Enron, evaluating a private company, revolutionary thinking Kirchner Group is presenting to Universities are just some of the important ideas. Thank You. Love this series.

  • KC

    Klendathu C.

    11 8 2016 14:49

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    Big fan of this series. I love these diverse topics, and he hits a lot of key and over looked areas when investing in novel ideas.

  • BV

    Bryan V.

    11 8 2016 14:49

    14       1

    This guys knows more than what he lets on. I was amazed at the amount of little nuggets hiding under his calm demeanor. He certainly has a knack at seeing what others are overlooking.

  • TS

    Taryn S.

    11 8 2016 13:57

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