The Implications of a Flawed Monetary System – Part 1

Featuring Brent Johnson

In Part 1 of another engaging presentation, Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital walks us through the keystones of a debt-based monetary system, and the future implications of a system built upon this premise.

Published on
7 November, 2014
Financial System
10 minutes


  • DW

    Donovan W.

    11 4 2015 19:53

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    Great simple explanation and on-point. It is either velocity or printing. Occam's Razor lives here.

  • DO

    David O.

    4 3 2015 17:47

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    The thing that gets me with all of this is I have found no one debating these points on the other side of the issue. I have to assume because there is no other side of this issue. These are the facts!

  • GR

    Guido R.

    11 11 2014 09:28

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    in time, the wider and deeper the economy, the more wealth is transferred towards the owner of the currency. The more money and credit circulate the more interest is paid to the ultimate owner of mon

  • GR

    Guido R.

    11 11 2014 09:27

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    u are still in debt because you are legally responsible for your sovereign debt AND because the central bank will devalue the money you are accepting in exchange for your work. In the long run, this..

  • GR

    Guido R.

    11 11 2014 09:25

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    You are exchanging something you own (your time and skills) for something you do not own AND owe interest on. In fact, assuming you never take out a loan in your name, you are still in debt because

  • GR

    Guido R.

    11 11 2014 09:24

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    You are missing one piece of the puzzle. From the legal point of view, money is the property of the central bank. When you accept money in exchange for your work, you are exchanging something you own

  • CC

    Christopher C.

    8 11 2014 05:07

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    Grow or die + the nature of compound interest + complexity theory + game theory = 42?

  • BA

    Bruno A.

    7 11 2014 19:48

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  • GG

    Guillermo G.

    7 11 2014 17:17

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    Simple and to the point! The economic principles are simple and will always be simplle but plagued with piitiless indifference.