Demographics and Doorways

Featuring Alex Rosenberg, Justine Underhill, Roger Hirst

Why will changing Chinese demographics lead to an increase of plastic strips in doorways? Justine, Alex and Roger discuss. Plus, Alex explains how a horse racing term could apply to what’s coming up for stocks. Filmed on June 11, 2018.

Published on
14 June, 2018
China, Sentiment, Housing Market
26 minutes
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  • VC

    Vince C.

    25 6 2018 02:48

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    This has got nothing to do with millenials. Just a very poorly made video. Taking data and making dubious correlations and conclusions with it.

    Further, why is a caucasian ignorantly - and incorrectly - commenting on another ethnicity and culture? Good way to offend 1.4 billion + hundreds of millions of Chinese around the world.

  • CM

    C M.

    24 6 2018 21:24

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    Some interesting info presented here, but the presentation itself is awful. A millennial angle gone bad.

  • DW


    20 6 2018 13:50

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    Perfect example of the unfortunate shift I've noticed on RV last ~6-months - prioritizing quantity over quality. I don't need a new post every single day, just one or two really good ones every week. Used to be that even if it was a topic I had no interest in, I knew RV would put together & show some interesting points of view. What I loved best about this platform - never felt I was wasting my time and it exposed me to people/ideas that were brand new. Now, I find my viewing far more selective (usually) because so much of what is posted is just kind of a waste...
    Note; fwiw, I am a millennial & it is clear this sort of (sorry, pejorative term, but feel it's appropriate) drivel is supposed to 'appeal' to me. It doesn't.

  • KC

    Kenneth C.

    18 6 2018 19:04

    1       0

    The beginning of the show sets up the shows purpose: Encouraging investors to explore how facts/events connect to form investment theses. Essentially to stimulate your thinking. Do I believe I need it? No. Do I enjoy it over a cup of coffee, running in the background? Yes. If you really hate it, don't watch it. They monitor the watch count to determine how successful the show is. It is light material but there is enough heavy lifting on this channel I don't see the validity in the complaints.

    Coffee mugs with straws. Either a sweet cocktail or juice I'm guessing.

  • KP

    Kyle P.

    18 6 2018 16:31

    1       0

    Frankly, I joined this community for 2 reasons. reasonable prices, and adventures in finance! I enjoy all of the personalities, obviously Grant, but Grant and Alex for sure. No problems with Justine either, but the Knock On Effect cannot hold a candle to AinF. I appreciate also the intellectual exercise of widening horizons and trying new things (hence my presence here), but I'm afraid this series is not working.

  • DS

    Denise S.

    18 6 2018 03:52

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    What a tough crowd! (Just read the comments)
    60 something female subscriber and I try to be open and appreciate the way the millennials convey info.
    It was interesting! ( maybe shorter or tighter segments is my constructive criticism )
    Good job both of you!

  • JH

    Jesse H.

    17 6 2018 20:15

    0       0

    Not “food” - iPhone slip-up. Should read “good” content.

  • JH

    Jesse H.

    17 6 2018 20:14

    0       0

    By all means, try out new products, but please keep the food stuff you have (such as Adventures in Finance).

  • JH

    Jesse H.

    17 6 2018 20:13

    3       0

    Please take a lesson from Apple and stop adding new products. As an original RV subscriber, I feel that the quality really takes a hit every time you try to become more of a “mass market” product. Thi

  • JH

    Jesse H.

    17 6 2018 20:07

    0       0

    Grant is a hard guy to replace on radio, that’s for sure.

  • JH

    Jesse H.

    17 6 2018 20:06

    5       0

    Sadly, I stopped listening once the show ceased becoming Adventures in Finance. This is one product choice I feel RV needs to learn from - namely, when you have a good thing going, DON’T change it!

  • ss

    sid s.

    17 6 2018 00:21

    3       0

    I'm sorry, but this is just poor idea..

  • DF

    Diamantino F.

    16 6 2018 10:41

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    there is an concept here but not sure it works ,,, having said that, early to say ,so keep the work up and just like in the markets be willing to adapt :)

  • TS

    Thomas S.

    15 6 2018 18:34

    9       0

    Bring back Adventures In Finance! Or at least some kind of Grant Williams-based podcast.

  • GW

    Geoff W.

    15 6 2018 12:01

    4       0

    I can’t see this podcast persuading people to subscribe to RV. It’s not a showcase for the quality that is RV. Justine and Roger do a good job (although Roger has his arms tied behind his back playing the straight “Professor”) but for some reason Alex doesn’t come across as insightful as he did at times during Adventures in Finance

  • DI

    Dabangg I.

    15 6 2018 06:33

    11       0

    Millenials are not stupid. Dont feed them shit in the name of new content.

  • KJ

    Kulbir J.

    15 6 2018 03:58

    2       0

    What are the names of the 5 start ups that have attracted billions of dollars from venture capital mentioned within the video?

  • LT

    Lucas T.

    15 6 2018 03:53

    1       0

    Alex looked pretty intense there for awhile...was hilarious them talking about what women want.

    I can tell they are trying new things to make it better. I think if they keep iterating they will get better.

  • BS

    Bill S.

    14 6 2018 22:32

    6       0

    1 step forward 2 backwards.

  • GH

    Gregory H.

    14 6 2018 21:38

    2       5

    Don't mind the haters, this is a nice change of pace for RealVision. (Demographic Disclosure: Male, 27, US)

  • DS

    David S.

    14 6 2018 20:24

    9       0

    The Knock-on Effect is too "cute" which makes it too long and very boring. The humor is very interesting at least to each participant, but not to me. The actual information presented is well worth knowing and seems well researched. This video should have been five minutes long max and would have been well received for the actual knock-on effect. This is not Sesame Street. Please keep the series, but rethink the presentation and lenght for the sake of the viewers. Thanks. DLS

  • zy

    zhang y.

    14 6 2018 20:09

    7       1

    I will consider more value Real Vision if less content all high quality, at any given time the most important themes of society economy and markets if well summarized may fit in no more than 10 hour of content a month, that will keep RV very focus in good quality, Real Vision is very good quality compare to many other information medias but I see the recent increase in content as dilluding the good quaility videos between a no-that good videos, I think RV should write this as a principle as any media company will face this problem by increasing the content quantity.
    Today people have little time and we are flooded by informaiton everywhere, and in this world knowing what is good quality is key, for me RV is all good quality but recently I am starting to see some videos as not that giving value
    I hope it doesnt borther anyone, I believe is a constructive critic, regards to all the tema of RV for the great job they do

  • lb

    larry b.

    14 6 2018 20:03

    4       4

    really stupid. alex adds nothing in videos i have seen. you are trying to attract the millenials.

  • ag

    anthony g.

    14 6 2018 18:55

    4       1

    did very little for me..... repetitive and all over the place.

  • jd

    james d.

    14 6 2018 18:40

    5       1

    what a nothing presentation, robs valuable time.

  • DV

    Dimitri V.

    14 6 2018 18:38

    2       0

    Lol @ Justine telling Alex he'd be at the bottom of the dating market. I didn't like the first one much but I'm liking this one, I haven't seen the other ones. Justine does a great job across the board. Alex you are adjusting great to the transition from radio to having your face on screen, and also from conversing with the silver fox that is Grant to Justine and the professor. I look forward to seeing Alex relax more as he established some chemistry with Justine. Thumbs up!

  • KJ

    Kulbir J.

    14 6 2018 13:05

    10       1

    That final segment with Alex 'The Heartbreak Alley' was all over the place. I didn't enjoy it at all!