Going Long Longevity

Published on
November 4th, 2019
7 minutes

Going Long Longevity

The One Thing ·
Featuring AK

Published on: November 4th, 2019 • Duration: 7 minutes

What would happen if you could reverse the aging process? AK breaks down the latest episode of “Discoveries” to identify the massive opportunity presented by the health care industry’s anti-aging space.



  • AH
    Alex H.
    4 November 2019 @ 16:39
    Buck institute. .Org?
  • DM
    Don M.
    4 November 2019 @ 11:14
    So, you have identified the "trend" of aging. But, where is the "Long"?
    • BH
      Brian H.
      4 November 2019 @ 16:10
      I love this idea but I do not see the trade
    • JK
      Jay K.
      4 November 2019 @ 22:39
      Google has Calico... there are others.