Looming Euro Trouble

Featuring Joeseph Trevisani

Joseph Trevisani, senior analyst at FXStreet, explains why he’s doubling down on his short euro trade. He discusses his analysis and the key levels to watch in this interview with Justine Underhill. Filmed on July 9, 2018.

Published on
13 July, 2018
FX, Trading, Macro
10 minutes
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  • LT

    Lucas T.

    13 7 2018 16:15

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    I thought his short Euro at 1.16 was a bit of selling into the hole, but I am also bearish on the Euro. I think waiting for a pop up to 119-119.50 in what looks like a break higher is the place to short with a good R/R. Shorting in this chop, even if there is a down move, I think will be tougher to hold the position through the whipsaws..

    • SH

      Steve H.

      13 7 2018 20:54

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      Agreed. There might be very short-term trades either way based on intra-day price action and order flow. As for a swing on the next leg lower (which I agree is coming), that's courageous before the nearby low breaks and holds. Until that happens, a temporary reaction spike above 1850 is well possible. Fine for deep-pocketed or lightly leveraged shorts with intermediate time-frames and strong conviction, but not so much for retail trading small accounts on 100x or above.

  • RB

    R B.

    13 7 2018 12:24

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    The crypto space is very interesting for me, since I am technically inclined and made a little money buying early-ish. Learning about (new) tokens and their (new) capabilities is always useful in the fast paced crypto development world. So, i really appreciate pieces like this. Keep them coming please! How about an unbiased overview of BTC and BCH differences? ;)

    • RF

      Richard F.

      13 7 2018 14:23

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      R B ... There was nothing in this piece about crypto currencies... it was a trade idea for the Euro USD pair.

    • AR

      Abishek R.

      15 7 2018 12:17

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      Is this the first sign of computer generated spam on RV? My god, we have been infiltrated,