“How To…” Macro Series: Bubbles

Featuring Julian Brigden

You always need three specific factors for a bubble – a great story, lots of liquidity and a specific chart pattern. Stories abound in today’s market. And central banks around the world are providing more liquidity than at any point in history. In the third of the Macro Insiders ‘How To…’ macro analysis series, Julian Brigden explains how to spot and profit from a market bubble.

Published on
11 July, 2017
9 minutes


  • JH

    Jonathan H.

    17 8 2017 02:02

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    Bitcoin is showing the pattern perfectly!

  • JV

    Jason V.

    31 7 2017 00:39

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    Brilliant, as always, Julian. Some of the most valuable market information you could hear, and all in less than 10 minutes!